Online shopping seven days no reason to return the implementation details

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– Reporter Yu Yingbo

in order to further improve the implementation of the new consumer law and related regulations, recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will be issued "on the strengthening and standardizing the quality inspection network dealers work opinions", at the same time, the current "is studying the development of the circulation of goods quality supervision and management methods", making online shopping seven days no reason to return the implementation details.

national industrial and commercial system to carry out the activities of consumer confidence will be held today held in Jiangsu, Suzhou Province, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Deputy Director Ma Zhengqi revealed the above information.

implementation of the new consumer law by the NPC inspection team must

Ma Zhengqi, the last two months, the NPC Standing Committee to organize the implementation of the new consumer law enforcement inspection, 3 vice chairman Yan Junqi, Ji Bingxuan and Zhang Ping respectively led the on-site inspection of Tianjin, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hainan, Yunnan and other six provinces in the implementation of the new consumer law, and commissioned 10 provinces (autonomous regions and city) NPC Standing Committee of the administrative area to inspect.

he said the inspection team to implement more than a year the work of industry and commerce at the same time, the market fully affirmed and highly appraised regulators also give full play to the new consumer law, consumer protection force of market supervision department of industry and commerce, strengthen governance, consumer rights society, further improve consumer rights work put forward higher requirements new.

Ma Zhengqi, now there are more than 3 months to the end of the year, all localities should control early work arrangements, carding inspection, firmly and realistically, especially the outstanding problems in the next step the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection report pointed out that the consumer law continue to improve the supporting legal system, reasonable integration of law enforcement forces and establish a sound long-term mechanism and other aspects of social cohabitation the careful analysis of the reasons, put forward rectification measures, strengthen supervision and guidance to better promote the implementation of the law.

at the same time, the country should actively promote local legislation, to further implement the relevant provisions of the new consumer law. Accelerate the construction of the country’s 12315 Internet platform. It is reported that, in accordance with the relevant opinions of the State Council, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has launched the 12315 National Internet platform construction work, to further improve the standard of data, improve data quality; guide around the opening of the mobile Internet acceptance function, actively building a new model of Internet plus consumer rights, better meet the demand of consumer rights facilitation.

Jiangsu will be assured consumption into the government assessment

China’s current economic development into the new normal, in promoting China’s economic development, "three carriages", the consumption of the role of macroeconomic development is becoming more and more prominent. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, the contribution of consumption to economic growth reached 60%, an increase of over the same period last year by 5.7 percentage points, consumption gradually become the leading force of economic growth.

Ma Zhengqi pointed out that the economic development of the new normal need to nurture consumer hot spots, the need to optimize the consumer environment, the need to release the consumer potential, the need to strengthen the consumer

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