Civilink push Asia domain name registration 1 1

.Asia domain name from the date of launch, with its own unique value, has been highly concerned about the parties. Do Chinese million net is the largest domestic domain registrar, and.Asia domain name registrations is way ahead.

to maximize the success rate of.Asia pre registered domain name, Chinese civilink is launching a "pre registered.Asia domain name 1+1" value-added service initiatives, had previously submitted pre registered customers can enjoy the same number of pre registration submitted without pay in advance, if the success of payment details are as follows:


a, this event is only for the Asia domain name has been pre registered business and has paid the relevant costs of customers.

two, our company will be the customer has to apply for the domain name registration number, send the same number of domain Asia withholding certificates ", the user can use this coupon to submit pre registration withholding.

three, use this coupon to submit withholding pre registration, without the customer pay related fees in advance, the domain name registration after the success of the final, I will first of all from the customer payment is deducted from the related costs, without the need to obtain customer confirmation. If the payment is not enough to pay, customers can choose whether to retain the domain name, such as customers choose to retain, is required in the domain name registration successful payment within 3 days; if the success of the domain name registration has not received customer related payment within 3 days, that customers give up the domain name, the domain name will delete all.

four, choose to accept this service to customers are required to submit a new domain name registration before February 19, 2008.

five, registration, customers only accept online confirmation in terms of (at the time of submitting the check the confirmation), can be used to submit pre registration withholding vouchers; once submitted, as client agrees to accept the nets of this service, and accept all the terms.

prepaid coupon use method and the matters needing attention:

1, please use the ID client login network website, in accordance with normal procedures of pre registered Asia domain name registration, fill in the information after the domain name in the confirmation page, direct input voucher withholding number, you can then submit. A prepaid ticket number can only submit a domain name, please do not use one by one, a plurality of submission. If you need to submit a large amount (more than 100), please contact us for your batch submission.

2, please note that accrued coupon is valid until February 19th, expired.

The power of final interpretation of

3, this activity belong to Chinese civilink. Thank you for your support to all


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