Physical retailers fear the holiday discount transformation of electricity providers are facing new

Miss Cui now afraid of the holidays, because the holidays will be discounted.

Miss Choi is operating entity shop, really can not afford to fold. Engaged in the promotion as long as you can play a twenty percent off, since the electricity supplier after a large price impact, the store had to make greater efforts to promote."

and the discount is round and round. The Spring Festival, Valentine’s day, Match 8 Women’s Day and a series of promotions, Miss Cui repeatedly forced to make profits, a serious decline in profits.

Miss Cui’s physical store is a microcosm of most physical retailers.

will be a festival with the electricity supplier point into a shopping festival, or even create more shopping festival, retail industry increasingly sad day, transformation, increase the experiential format, the store became involved in the electricity business strategy to deal with them, but success remains to be seen.

overdraft consumption

a sunny afternoon, Shanghai, a district of Xujiahui, the "First Financial Daily reporters in Hong Kong Plaza, Pacific department store, Meiluocheng well-known shopping malls found these malls even hit the passenger scarce, all kinds of promotional signs, there are still few customers really buy single less.

"we have a turnover of only about 5000 yuan a day, our clothes are on average more than $600, you can calculate how many clothes we can only sell a day." The well-known clothing brand shop staff a T at the beginning of the word told reporters, only when the weekend or festivals, every single turnover can be washed 20 thousand yuan. But in fact, rent, labor and other costs, the daily turnover of 20 thousand yuan is not high, the profit pressure is very large.

in an interview with a number of physical stores, "First Financial Daily" the reporter learned that, due to the burden of all kinds of store costs, especially the increasing rent, usually to store the commodity price several times higher online shopping. For example, apparel goods, clothes may cost only 100 yuan, but with the cost usually have multiplied by 10 times to pricing, and the shop because of saving all kinds of intermediate links and the real cost, can be sold only 100 yuan, guests flocked to natural shop, retail store is slowly reduced to a dressing room, a lot of the guest is just copy code family".

so in various festivals, entity retailers began to try their best to do promotions, sometimes even folded as homely food, goods sold ninety percent off. Even some supermarkets were parity electricity supplier, claiming their price cheaper than the electricity supplier.

in China hanahreum supermarket as an example, in a sales season, a Dali food for the price of 2.2 yuan, Tmall price is 3.9 yuan; a Danish Cookies in the supermarket price of 49 yuan, while the 1 store price of 68 yuan; 1.25 liters of ice fountain Hengda supermarket price of 2.4 Shop No. 1 yuan, 8.5 yuan; 500 ml of herbal tea JDB supermarket price of 2.5 yuan, 5 yuan for Jingdong.

discount indeed

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