Yang Guo vice president of Taobao electricity supplier environment changed in 2015 Taobao has four

Taobao vice president Yang Guo


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you the seller friends, good afternoon everyone! Today is my second time to participate in the Taobao seller meeting last year for the first time to participate in this conference when all sellers, who came in I observe a moment, everyone on the face with some doubts about the future and many expectations. I looked at today, today the Taobao sellers on everyone’s face relaxed feeling or expression is much better than last year, I think the past year in the presence of every friend’s efforts, taobao.com growth has a certain speed. I represent the Taobao industry market, you two, thank you for the past year taobao.com sellers friends support, thank you.

I would like to take this opportunity today, with every seller friends to share some thoughts on the future of the Taobao industry.

first look at the changes in the external environment over the past year. Just host also mentioned that the past year, the whole of China’s social environment, or electricity supplier environment, or a variety of changes, in fact, everyone’s business will have an impact. Looking back can help us think better about the future.

first look at changes in consumers. The first point is very important to the quality of a piece of news, may we all know, the Spring Festival when a large number of consumers went to Japan to buy toilet cover, this caused a lot of news reports at the time, then check the toilet lid is the origin of Hangzhou Xiasha, which is reflected in the quality of goods consumers now upgrade, he it is not limited in these domestic brands above, more will pursue those quality goods. There are just mentioned the development of global shopping and sea Amoy business, in the past we have seen a new entrepreneurial direction, is in the cross-border, scouring the sea. Why are these new entrepreneurial direction? In fact, behind the needs of consumers, consumers began to look overseas, and we expect more overseas goods will come in. We see today may be more familiar with the luxury, cosmetics, bags and so on, but we believe that the future of overseas goods will be more diversified, as daily necessities, not to category transfer may now consider, this is the first China consumer to upgrade the quality of the change.

second this year we have a new force week, more is to choose a personalized brand on Taobao, and then do the corresponding push. We will find in Taobao, we are now positioned to reflect the pan after 90 groups which are very good, from 85 to 90 of the stage, they are very influential in the Taobao group. We believe that this group is a group of business in the future is very important, because the 85 has now entered into the child raising children, buy decoration stage, 90 represents the future, today his limited spending power, but his demand represents the future development. So this is a big change we see in the consumer group.

third is mobile, last year a lot of

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