Dalian cross border electricity supplier comprehensive test area free trade zone

recently, Chinese (Dalian) Comprehensive Experimental Zone of Free Trade Zone Park officially opened the cross-border electricity supplier A Zone Export Processing Zone in the Dalian Free Trade Zone, the first batch of diapers from Japan through the inspection and sorting. As the only one in the northeast region is located in the customs and Excise Department under the jurisdiction of the cross-border electricity supplier line Park, will play a core role in the two wings layout.

China (Dalian) Comprehensive Experimental Zone Free Trade Zone cross-border e-commerce park by the Dalian Free Trade Zone Investment and construction, the main facilities inspection sites, a total area of 2600 square meters, equipped with the customs, inspection and quarantine supervision and inspection facilities sorting line, as well as related facilities. As China (Dalian) cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive experimental functional zone, free trade zone by the park adjacent to Japan and Korea’s geographical advantages, focus on cross-border electricity supplier shipping field and increase efforts to expand the pace of development, focus on promoting free stocking, direct purchase, shipping and other functions of the LCL export business, the formation of Dalian with unique characteristics and strong competitiveness the cross-border electricity supplier system.

Dalian free trade zone has the core advantages of the development of cross-border electricity supplier industry. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the General Administration of customs, bonded mode to engage in cross-border e-commerce retail import business, shall be carried out in the special customs supervision area and bonded logistics center. As the core functional areas of the construction of Dalian international shipping center, logistics center and Trade Center, which has special function in addition to the bonded area policy, also gathered a port, international logistics, transportation system and other core elements. Bonded area now has more than and 390 logistics companies, more than 2 thousand and 500 trading companies, lay a good foundation for the development of cross-border electricity supplier.

Dalian Free Trade Zone relevant responsible person said that in the new round of the Northeast Revitalization under the background of enabled bonded area park will promote free trade zone in the cross-border e-commerce supervision mode, technical standards, business process and information construction and further pilot, play the self construction of the test area FTA core role in cross-border the electricity supplier and Liaoning, with good industrial base, cultivate the influence and demonstration projects, and other cross-border electronic commerce comprehensive test area the establishment of horizontal cooperation mechanism, Liaoning boost the construction of free trade zone.

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