Taobao has appeared in a large number of begging shop official said it has begun to clean up


explanation: with the image of Xi Li Ge to the shop. Screenshot

London April 17th news: according to the "Oriental Morning Post" reported that "rational money, rich innocent", a network of a flagship store to tide professional beggars begging put up a pageantry in the Taobao online.

people in the past to the beggar impression is mostly shabby in dress kneeling in the street, however, as a professional network tide begging flagship store that shop is 5 professional begging angle or a yuan "begging" fictitious products hang on the website for money.

begging for the emergence of the network, the majority of the public said, too thunder, and questioning attitude, and will not go to charity, but there are a small number of people holding a curious mind photographed baby".

at present, Taobao has been on the illegal begging shops to clean up, however, the reporter yesterday in the search bar to enter the begging two words, the page is still showing a two begging shops.

begging names:

buy a house to buy a car treatment of lack of money

"well intentioned people eventually weihaobao, hope that friends help me. I hope my brother and sister donated me. I will return to you! "Such shops sensational statements can be seen everywhere, most stores need money to buy a car or a worry for the banner to the buyers for money.

it is understood that at the beginning of the emergence of online begging shops, buyers as long as the input begging two words, there will be hundreds of corresponding baby". These creative begging the lowest amount of only 1 cents, up to $100 thousand.

said some reason all kinds of begging, his son had leukemia, no money to some charity; play cards, that is to raise money for children in poor areas; or in response to current social reality problems, said the price rise, work life pressure big, want to get some money to buy a car or a house wife.

Most of the

many businesses have higher writing skills, will write some stories and sensational statements to cheat everyone’s sympathy.


tricks, but most of the beggars volume is not much. Some asking price 1 cents, a total of $5 in the middle of the month a few dozens of pen turnover, earnings less than a few dollars. While some of the high price of beggars although thousands of views, but the real money.


look busy worried about being cheated

this morning on global forum to see the children suffering from leukemia long story, cried, the next afternoon forum has issued a warning to the article, said begging shop appeared network, in order to make money, can not believe so, what society ah." "Some people say that they have no room no car no wife, I hope you will help him a dollar, and some people really have a lot of. Oh, it seems to do nothing than work to make money." On micro-blog, many nets >

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