2010 China network buy leap first year

"unexpectedly, dozens of boxes of wine sold out overnight, group purchase power is really big!" red ball Guangzhou sub station staff Viagra (a pseudonym) said happily. Originally, sold out in 1000 copies of the station on the line of French and Spanish Noble Collection Wine suit "in less than a week was well attended by the users, although this is the beginning of the November 2010, in the Wine consumption off-season".

in fact, with the rapid development of e-commerce industry, more and more people choose online shopping this fast and convenient, privacy good new transactions, China is no exception. According to SEO information dissemination network statistics, China’s online shopping transactions from 3 billion 900 million yuan in 2003 to grow to $267 billion in 2009, only in the past 7 years, with an average annual growth rate of up to 108.5%. The network group buying as a force of consumers, unified purchase of a large number of highly specific discount merchandise business model is becoming a highlight of China’s online shopping business highlights.


network: the first driving force of Chinese style group buying

as a marketing term, group buying (Groupon) known as the average Chinese people have a short period of less than ten years, it can be said that its reputation broadcast, inseparable from the development of China’s e-commerce network leap. In the western developed countries, this concept as early as 1960s has sprouted. At that time, some multinational companies in the United States in order to reduce the cost of transportation, in the form of collective bargaining, to determine a lower ticket discount price. Since then, the joint force of consumers, to buy discounted products and services, has become the basic paradigm of "group purchase", the influence from airline tickets and gradually expand to tourism, retail and even software outsourcing industry. In the wake of the rise of the Internet, the convenience of the network, efficient and private buy Group Marketing quickly spread around the world.

, according to Baidu data research center statistics, since 2010, the "group purchase" related search index soared trend, 1 to May, the average daily search volume 65258, and since 6 to October, the average daily search volume reached 529696 times, jumped 7.1 times. October national day eleven holidays, the search index has dropped slightly, after the end of the holiday search index rebounded rapidly back to about 940 thousand times a day, showing a strong viscosity of users to buy.



, SEO communication network CEO Li Guolin analysis: "the network group purchase this keyword search in May this year after the rapid increase of the reason mainly lies in the one hand a large number of enterprises have realized the importance of the electronic commerce, and business focus to the website, online transfer, the group purchase network project by customers welcome it has become an important breakthrough for them to carry out network marketing business; on the other hand, in the face of increased inflationary pressures and increase people’s income is relatively limited macroeconomic situation.

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