How to select WeChat distribution mall

micro marketing detonated a large commercial era raging hit, many companies eager to drive, but always a lack of courage. Soon, they found a new model – "WeChat distribution". So how to choose and docking WeChat distribution mall system?

a, what is WeChat distribution mall?

WeChat distribution is based on the WeChat public platform three level distribution mall, the distribution of the three level to do endless cycle mode, WeChat marketing in the network economy era enterprise marketing model of innovation. Is accompanied by a fiery WeChat marketing and the rise of a network marketing. Micro distribution (i.e. WeChat distribution), in the era of big data under the background of enterprise data marketing, WeChat public platform customization development based on dedicated WeChat chain mall, differential marketing channel three level distribution system for the Brand Company WeChat mall and businesses, help businesses differential pin high viscosity, fast from the media into their own distributors.

two, how to choose the WeChat distribution system

?This is the

technology that WeChat distribution mall three level distribution system for businesses to easily build a WeChat distribution mall, help businesses quickly formed multi-level micro distribution channels, and based on the social networking platform to spread rapidly to form a merchant shop, all businesses selling goods for effect, quickly enhance the visibility and sales of goods.

three, the advantages of today’s technology distribution system: let the distribution network all over the world

Guangzhou science and Technology Network Co., Ltd. to recommend the following points:

1, transparent distribution system, quickly attract distributors

multi level distribution, 1 to 3 levels of free Commission, allowing customers to quickly become your distributor

2, flexible open stores, distribution network instantly form

a key shop no threshold, no commodity management logistics, the formation of a distribution network

3, distribution network unlimited expansion, let more people you sell

control the time and place, where the goods are shared, where your distributors are

4, the use of social communication, a key detonated infinite circle of friends

fission circle of friends distribution, a public number, 800 million WeChat users blue ocean

5, real-time distribution of data in hand, so that the future of distribution in the control of

commodity sales and sub agents into a single case, a key management

6, flexible cash withdrawal, distribution Commission rapid extraction

real-time view Commission, the application is convenient and simple, enjoy the fun of distribution

four, the function of the distribution system: fast shop, the people selling goods

WeChat mall system

1, mall model options, shop model

Xpress switch single page, ordinary shop

2, mall interface personality build, function >

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