All passengers aged CEO said the anonymous Bowen is not true there is doubt normal

business for the winter: every guest take what hold

Meng Yanfeng Beijing reports

for VANCL aged CEO, "this is the eventful winter".

5% layoffs storm just after the end of November, former vice president Eric Wu turnover. Another wave of dirt and pointing at the customer, an anonymous netizen in the blog called "where customers can very long" series of Posts "(customer) has been estimated to hold a crisis, domestic trouble and foreign invasion." At every guest post burn day to make ends meet.

where the customer from the beginning of its birth, he was coerced capital run quickly, is considered to be the China B2C symbol. Round of funding to follow up, from October 2007 to date, venture ferocious, a total of six rounds of financing, about $420 million. Investors include IDG, LIAN, Lei ceyuan, Qiming, Saif partners, tiger capital and Temasek etc..

2010, Han Han and Wang Luodan’s endorsement of "VANCL style" has been on both sides of the Changjiang River huobian.

December 6th, Chen said the reporter, "(the Bo Wen) is not true. The Internet is free and open, anyone can write blog." But the old admits, "as a new model to try, with four years to grow up, we have doubt, doubt is normal."

even where the customer is still a loss, aged to compare, "excellence for six years where the billions of dollars, only a year."

is more than most of the electricity supplier customer, feel the chill. "Now is the case before the electricity supplier overheating, burn too much money, the results up to now almost burned, there is no other way out, can only wait for death. Really have firewood heating also want to save." Wing business network CEO min Jie said.

"Hold on,

means everything." Chen said.

can’t say the secret

for layoffs storm and executive turnover, aging response, "the flow of personnel still belongs to normal, not to explain is a kind of protection. There are more than and 30 members of the president’s office, each of whom does what is necessary at each stage. There are colleagues because of personal reasons, there are other choices, what is the exception?

IPO but for the aged, we can not say that the secret, even if it has all come. "First of all, this information has not been confirmed, until today will not be confirmed, it is not responsible for the interpretation of the problem." Chen said.

about two months ago, VANCL U.S. IPO four rumors, and even said the five investment banks IPO transactions were gold, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Goldman and Morgan Stanley, financing up to $1 billion. Then, in November 10th, intime network (micro-blog) CEO Liao Bin claimed that, where the customer has submitted a listing application in November 5th. But on the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission website but can not find any public information. < >

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