n June the U S group net turnover broken 3 billion 100 million yuan O2O giant looms

July 1st news, the country’s largest group buying website announced that the United States Mission in June its turnover exceeded 3 billion 100 million yuan. Data show that as of June 30, 2014 24, the U.S. group net monthly turnover reached $3 billion 134 million.

at present, the U.S. group net market share accounted for more than 55%, have occupied half of the country industry group purchase. Since 2014, the U.S. group net monthly trading volume continued to grow rapidly. In March 2014, in April, in May, the U.S. group net turnover of 2 billion 590 million, respectively, and $2 billion 980 million and $2 billion 660 million. Since its establishment in 2010, the U.S. mission network has maintained rapid development, by virtue of the deep accumulation of products, businesses, users and other aspects of the construction of a high level of competition barriers. In restaurants, hotels and movie segments of the vertical field, meituan roots, to provide users with comprehensive local service based on O2O. At present, the United States Mission network has become the largest movie ticket distributors and the largest hotel group distributors.

U.S. mission network CEO Wang said in an interview with Bloomberg on May, the U.S. mission network in the country has accumulated 90 million active mobile users as well as 400 thousand cooperative businesses. 2014 U.S. mission network transaction volume will grow to 40 billion yuan, revenue is expected to grow by up to two times, covering the number of cities will reach up to 300.

analysts believe that the U.S. mission network is the only one to adhere to the independent development of the group buying company. From the imagination of the future and the development potential of view, based on the daily FMCG idle away in seeking pleasure of local life service O2O areas of the U.S. group, the development will be more rapid, is expected to become a world-class giant.

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