The ETS from Europe continued to stop raising interest rates this will be the strongest commodity in

on Thursday (June 16th) the investment market is brilliant, the good news of many long-awaited release series. First, the Fed decided to keep interest rates unchanged, and cut interest rates expected to rise in the next two years, but also because the market worried about the British retreat in Europe, the risk aversion continued high temperature. As a hedge against monetary assets and commodities, commodities may be ushered in their own era of the most powerful investment


Fed announced no interest rate hike, the market suddenly rose

we are familiar with the "dove Queen" Yellen finally came back on Wednesday morning, as chairman of the Federal Reserve, she announced the maintenance of the benchmark interest rate unchanged 0.25%-0.50%. Since December last year, the implementation of more than 9 years for the first time to raise interest rates, the Fed has four consecutive session rare long halt the troops and wait, a cycle of interest rate to.

and her fed positive assessment of market in April since the meeting: improvement in the labor market is slowing down, and the growth of economic activity there are signs of warming; the employment situation of non reactive, the real estate sector continued to improve; inflation remains below the Fed’s 2% longer-term goals, and in the overall compensation inflation index market several months in the fall. In addition, Yellen also said that the weakness of the global economy still exists, and bluntly Britain’s referendum on the European Union is the largest monetary policy needs to be considered in the near future.


meeting on interest rates, the commodity prices are constantly rising, of which gold has exceeded 1300 U.S. dollars / ounce mark integer, refresh a new high of six weeks, seventh consecutive trading days up. The market is now expected, the Fed or until September have not raised interest rates, is undoubtedly the next market issued a super pass". If the dollar exchange rate in the future have a big decline in six months, the commodity may even at the end of the year and in early 2017 on the new price level.

high risk aversion, the bulk will be the biggest beneficiaries of the process of taking off Europe


Yellen mentioned in his speech, the British referendum on the euro, is indeed the most recent global market to face the biggest Boss. With the 23 month of this month, near the time of the referendum, its impact will be more penetrating.

Britain’s latest poll shows that the proportion of respondents to support the return of Europe reached 55%, leading support for respondents to stay in Europe by 10 percentage points, the possibility of the United Kingdom to withdraw from the EU is infinitely enlarged. The ETS pointed out that Britain rose from Europe as the possibility of strong oil injection, no doubt will be launched in the market risk aversion engine, this car "commodity hedging car" is charming gallops on investment blue.

the current British ‘de Europe’ caused by the market demand for commodities increased, thereby stimulating market prices. The ETS analysis, if the referendum results showed that withdraw from the EU, the market will usher in a more substantial rise. But also need to beware of "off the possibility of failure, once the" European "and European" ultimately failed, there may be a period of callback, so in the major risk events on the eve, investors are advised to strictly control the risk.

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