Lotte Mart announced that it will shut down the second time Baidu electric zujizhan failure

Baidu joint venture Lotte cool days of announcement, announced the cool days of mall will be at 0:00 on April 27, 2012 to stop the service.

news, the industry has not been stunned, as if the foreign investment into China website mortal curse come true again. Music cool days off so that the winter has entered the electricity supplier worse. But for Baidu, cool days it has declared the Internet giant launched the second e-commerce zujizhan failed completely.

reporter Li Bin

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music cool day April 27th shut down

the afternoon of April 20th, the electricity supplier platform cool days jointly invested by the Japanese Lotte Group, Baidu suddenly announced that the cool days will start to stop the Service Mall at midnight on April 27, 2012, cool days mall will ensure that users in the April 26 day night before the order is able to complete the transaction. After this time limit, the transaction will not be accepted.

prior to this, the user can according to the site notice instructions to deal with the account of the coupons, balances and other property. On the music cool days mall points, users can change in April 26 days before the night.

B2C website cool days by Baidu and Lotte Group in January 2010 established a joint venture, the two sides invested a total of $50 million, were holding 49% and 51%. In the two years since the line, the music cool days have been operating in poor and high-level changes and other negative news, the progress of the specific business is rare improvement.

music cool day CEO Ejiri Yuichi said, although the music cool day site closed, but the two sides established a joint venture still exists, and to maintain the previous 51% and 49% shareholding structure unchanged. Ejiri Yuichi stressed that China Lotte is very optimistic about the electricity supplier market, cool days off and not on behalf of Lotte Company to abandon the market, currently there are 2 Lotte in Chinese tourism company and a development company, will be the normal operation. In this part of the electricity supplier business, does not rule out the future will come in other ways, but there is no specific timetable and programs.

yesterday, Baidu cool days off to make a response, said the official Baidu known, the processing scheme in consultation with the cool days, Baidu will be very concerned about the cool days of Chinese employees and partners interests. However, the current personnel placement program has not yet come up.

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localization caused failure

The reason for the close

cool days, cool days CEO Jiang Kao Yu said it was because a China business competition is too fierce, cool days can not achieve the desired performance, need to give shareholders, therefore decided to shut down.

before the music cool days, eBay, AOL, Myspace, GROUPON and other Internet giants have tried to develop business in China, but in the end because of the lack of localization and management

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