Jumei com in embarrassment overseas investors do not understand the cross border electricity supplie

[Reuters] state power February 17th evening, jumei.com suddenly announced privatization, causing an uproar in the industry. On the one hand from jumei.com to 1/3 below the issue price the price of stock repurchase, the other two market investors are unhappy; on the other hand, has become the first cross-border electricity supplier of jumei.com does not seem to impress investors, which makes CEO Chen Ou deep emotion.

"in the listing, we also change the tire on the highway, just a quarter for a transition to the cross-border electricity supplier, our financial and business data show that our excellent execution, our stock price does not reflect the reasonable value of the company, even lower than some in size and profitability far behind our company."

since 2014, the first year of cross-border electricity supplier hit, has been dressed in cross-border electricity supplier coat all kinds of platforms are tiger body shock. According to Chen Ou rhetoric, jumei.com has become the first cross-border electricity supplier China. The cross-border electricity supplier transformation from cosmetics vertical B2C website, take on the ride to the United States to the capital market, but still can not bring a shot in the arm, why

?Look at the past earnings

billion state power network analysis shows that, although the concept of cross-border electricity supplier in China has been to overseas investors It is often seen., but has still a lot of confusion.

The following is the

analyst conference call billion state power network extracted from jumei.com in 2015 second quarter earnings report, several questions about the cross-border electricity supplier, jumei.com, founder, chairman and CEO Chen Ou, jumei.com co chief financial officer Gao Meng, jumei.com co chief financial officer Zheng Yunsheng and other executives answer:


T.H. capital analyst: my question is about jumei.com’s "speed duty-free business, your proprietary business total transaction amount, how much is the speed from the duty-free shop?" with the rapid development of the speed of duty-free business, by the end of this year, this proportion is about to become?

now speed duty-free business is mainly in sales of beauty, maternal and child products, so in the category expansion what is your plan? "Along with the rapid development of the speed of duty-free business, your overall gross profit rate will be what kind of changes?

Gao Meng: in the second quarter, "speed duty-free business for the United States together in self business contributed about 45% of total turnover, is expected this ratio will continue to increase in the future, we will factor according to user needs, considering all kinds of business profit margin ratio adjustment.

category expansion, we have now entered the company wants to enter the category, but we need to carry on the optimization, in April entered the field of maternal and child recently entered the field of health care and health food, and entered the field of entry-level luxury, I think this is what we want to enter a recent field, if you look at Chinese importers >

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