E commerce industry to fill the gap between the positive talent gap

"e-commerce development situation in the country is relatively good, a given level of public recognition; two is the enterprise recognition; the three is for the government, the electronic commerce has risen to the policy level, electronic commerce has been incorporated into the productivity of this one." Lu Jianxin said that the local government has recognized the electronic commerce in the whole regional economic transformation and industrial upgrading and optimizing the positive role in the allocation of resources, change the mode of economic development, such as increased tax revenue, employment absorption. The government’s support for the development of e-commerce has increased, some local regulations, as well as other incentives. The development of domestic e-commerce has formed a joint force.

but from the "soft environment, talent gap is the biggest." Lu Jianxin said that talent is the next 10 years of e-commerce keywords, China’s e-commerce talent gap is huge, from the practical point of view, at least about 1 million of e-commerce talent. The concept of electronic commerce enterprises to update the

Lu Jianxin introduced, the field of electronic commerce has 3 types of enterprises: one is the use of electronic commerce enterprises, a large number of such enterprises, many traditional industries by means of electronic commerce development of online business, there is B2C independent operation, for example, BELLE set up a network operation Department, but BELLE is not a kind of enterprise e-commerce enterprises; the third party e-commerce application platform, for example.

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