A5 marketing the optimization of enterprise website has no effect if it needs to make diagnosis of S

The optimization scheme for

two, can make the site according to the diagnosis of Shanghai Dragon

with the development of the Internet, small and medium enterprises using web site marketing also began to "pop up", in recent years, all walks of life started and optimize the website, then look forward to the enterprise website can sell the products, enterprise business services, corporate image to launch out, so enterprises will see very website important. Either before or now or in the future, the Internet rapid development, the enterprise wants to have a rail line formed on the network there are many kinds of ways, and the enterprise website is one of the ways, good corporate website can represent the image of the enterprise, also can bring to the user experience, let users authority the enterprise trust and enterprise users.

causes no effect

since the enterprise website is the enterprise to do one of the ways of marketing, business leaders will inevitably attaches great importance to enterprise website, from incomplete data show that part of the enterprise leadership attaches great importance to the site, leading to the company’s Web site in the search engine search keywords can own the official website, the other is the product or service, the information the user can search behavior find enterprise website, so the enterprise website to start the optimization, using Shanghai dragon quickly let enterprise website achieve these, then let the enterprise realize the marketing. But from the complete data show that too many companies in optimizing a website ranking still has no effect, so much, so traffic is less, the weight has been raised not up on the front page today, tomorrow will fall to dozens of pages, can be said to be very unstable, which makes enterprises do worry ah, really don’t know what to do, finally began to do business in Shanghai dragon to check the problem diagnosis. Then, the optimization of enterprise website has no effect if it needs to make diagnosis of Shanghai dragon


, a Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis can help site to find

first, Shanghai dragon diagnosis can help the enterprise website to find out the reasons no effect. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis believe the corporate owners are very clear and very understanding, it is like a doctor to do physical examination as a normal person, a person can be a variety of fault diagnosis, such as myopia, glasses, bone calcium, tooth decay, poor nutrition, these are can be diagnosed, so Shanghai dragon will be the site of the fault diagnosis is also can check out, such as the lack of site within the chain, the structure is not the tree, keyword stuffing, three label stack or title no user experience, quality or content is not high enough, the chain is garbage, structure layout is very poor, not to help the user page optimization and so on, these is that one reason not to have the effect of website optimization. So the author thinks that Shanghai dragon diagnosis is can help the enterprise website to find out the reasons no effect.

then the optimization scheme can be established according to the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis. Since the reason no effect was found, then the business owners can make a plan for the website according to these reasons, can also be the reason from diagnosis of killing two birds with one stone.

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