How can the new fast included How to improve the weights of the old station

super external this thing is only recently come out, and many owners do not know there is such a thing. The super chain integration of many IP query Alexa ranking query, PR query query webmaster website, because the website weight is relatively high, the repeated use of the super chain query your site will be included, will increase the chain! After I test, using the super chain effect is quite obviously, more important is.

1, forum signature

there are many webmaster, especially newcomers, keen to exchange Links. Exchange links must be very stable, I can’t deny. But for the novice, you do not have a short-term relationship circle, can get a certain number of high quality of the chain? And many of the old station is to exchange links with the new station. I think the new station should use other means developed rapidly, has a certain scale and exchange links, both the exchange of capital, will not lose development opportunities.

as far as I know, now the Internet grassroots webmaster, most of them are fed by the search engine, so webmasters will continue to use various means to please search spiders, begging for love can go some day in the future one pillar to prop up the sky Shanghai home.

, the search engine algorithm is always changing, get a lot of stationmaster then we will head broken and bleeding, analyze, what attract the spider to our site. ? certainly not, because search spiders just zero IQ machine. Spam can also attract spider, which is also the reason to the survival of the station group. So how to guide the spider crawling to your site? That is outside the chain, access to your website address by crawling to other sites, to your site.


for the new station, outside the chain to get high quality and help included; for the old station, to obtain the stability of the chain is conducive to improve the weight. The current owners love soft promotion for the chain, although this is also a lot of people use. However, soft text is becoming a network link factory waste. The website can pay the text is the fact, but to see the news station 98% is no link, which will indicate the source where, so for the new station, and can not achieve a rapid increase in the effective purpose of the chain, it is not necessary for the old station.

I believe that many owners are using this method, this method is not the chain expired, signed by the high weight forum. Whether in the forum or reply posts will record a chain (quality is the key, but the content is not repeated, because the content of the post is different). If only for rapid included and website ranking, the forum to pay some time is worth it. I love this way, and search engine and no eyes, a signature leave multiple links, can achieve a multiplier effect.

2, super chain

today so I introduce some simple methods of obtaining high quality stable chain:

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