Three details on improvement of the inside pages of the

keyword density control

details, page in the title, keywords, description

had seen a webmaster blog website, his website.

is currently the majority of consumers in the use of search engine search will choose to use a long string of words (i.e., the long tail word search) to improve the accuracy of the search, usually such search results are some websites. Because there are a lot of long tail words around a core keywords, a page may not do the long tail word so much, so as to improve the long tail word ranking using the inside pages of the site.


in addition to set the title, keywords and description for the article, some of the keyword density is also very important. When you need to talk to you to tell what is your focus on others, but your conversation is not to take sides, which will undoubtedly puzzled, you do not know the focus of the conversation. So is the search engine, it will appear through the frequency the content keywords to judge the keywords. So we should properly with some keywords in the text in writing, but also pay attention to the keyword density, usually under the control of the 2%~8% between the dense keywords will be search engine that you build stack keywords, causing the site to be punished.

details for each article is inserted into the anchor link, optimize the internal link

set the title and keywords to describe is the first step we write, so when we write the first words of this article carries on the analysis. When we in the choice of keywords to avoid the attention of some too popular long tail words, such as writing an article "brand soap, soap" is the key, through the data mining tools can be seen, the word competition is relatively large, for small and medium-sized webmaster is difficult to optimize, so we should take the strategy of extending keywords. Usually increase the keyword attributes into long tail words, such as "Handmade soap", which can generally avoid fierce competition in the word, to get a higher ranking in the peer.

pages within the website as a new website, the website can get good rankings to interaction between the site title, keywords, description and content, so it is the inside pages, so we should treat each article carefully. Admittedly, the weight of the home page of the web site is the main factor affecting the page ranking, but without the influence factors, is the largest in the page on the inside pages of their own. Here, I will put aside the factors to optimize the page weight, the analysis from the inside pages of the title, keywords, description of many aspects such as setting, introduces how to improve the ranking.

details of the two, reasonable distribution of keywords, the

in addition, the first words can appear for each of the bold and set the anchor link operation, but to control the quantity, not all words are bold with the anchor.

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