The webmaster should how to rival into helper station

main keywords and long tail keywords how to set, the website structure and what kind of direction, these for the novice webmaster are more tangled things, and the information on the site after the optimization plays an important role, so new Adsense on it must be cautious, and the opponent’s website is obviously a novice website the best example of learning. We can through the analysis of competitors on the web page code, the basic information, title information description, keywords settings and so on to decide their own website to view the page, at the same time, we can find the basic information from each other’s weak points, such as the key word choice is too wide, so as to find a way to beat each other. Take myself, I want to make a brand of clothing sales, then use Webmaster Tools analysis of the key words about the opponent, looked at each other "what brand of women’s most attractive", "the tide of women" and other words do well, but the only drawback is the tide of the word "women do too wide, we want to break the competition restrictions must be in it under the foot, do it as a" summer in the tide of women like the word, can seize the initiative.


analysis of competitor Meta site information, form the basic information about the site’s own


in addition, we also see each other is what method to use in foreign chain construction, mainly because the ranking and the chain construction related to each other, often use which method we should follow and learn, they write text, we write soft, they do the third party blog, we have. As mentioned above, webmaster often A5 website articles or have the third party blog, which gives us.

, create their own promotion

The chain construction skills learning

competition is always our unavoidable words, the existence of any one of the profitability of the industry will have a different group of promotion, and between us has become a competitive relationship, and many webmaster friends with "your death is not the state of mind I live" to treat the competitors. Creates a vicious spiral in the invisible, the timely communication with colleagues, website is more like closed doors. In fact, competitors can we learn, learn a lot of things from their own did not notice that we can, just as a saying goes, from gains and losses. So, we should learn from competitors that what

content is king, the chain for the emperor. The chain construction is an important part of the construction site, is also the most difficult place, many novice webmaster often because this place do not, resulting in their rankings suck, so that owners can learn from the opponent what? First, we can analyze the competitors do friends chain and what website, some the analysis then use love station Webmaster Tools chain structure on the opponent’s own chain selection on the basis of delivery channels.


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