Numb love Shanghai spider 1 years to identify 301

"love Shanghai, You’ll see.," I love the Shanghai search by Zan Hui (ZAC) 301 redirection processing for more than a year. I couldn’t believe my eyes. God! For more than a year later (late December 27, 2011), love Shanghai it is included with this web site (see below), I love Shanghai, click the search results link in a look, this site had been automatically jump to 301 redirect URL 贵族宝贝 Shanghai zac贵族宝贝/ Shanghai -news/ Shanghai dragon dragon dragon -code-in-stock/. But the love of Shanghai actually now included with this has been 301 redirect the original URL: This shows that full after a year, love Shanghai has no correct understanding of the 301 redirect (Google has not included this site.).


what I do in late July 301 jump non preferred domain name this day Shanghai still included

The preferred domain

webmaster forum owners complained, after their own website to do 301 jump for a month, love Shanghai still does not correctly handle their website jump 301. In Shanghai on the day before the love that someone asked, his website made the first domain set, will not bring WWW domain name unbound 301 redirect to the domain name on the website of choice, but set up after a period of time, made him feel depressed things finally appeared – the friend that is set to the first domain the domain name is not included in the love of Shanghai, again, non preferred domain name but not WWW but included increasing love Shanghai snapshots are updated daily……

Zan Hui in December last year to do a 301 redirect. Shanghai has also included experimental love

suddenly thought, Zan Hui (ZAC) of the "Shanghai daily" in a dragon has recorded his own blog done 301 experiments, 301 to check, "open experiment" (贵族宝贝 Shanghai, zac贵族宝贝/ranking/301-test/, December 6, 2010) an article was recorded Zan Hui for 301 redirection experiment original URL: 贵族宝贝chinamyhosting贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon blog/2010/12/02/ Shanghai Dragon -code-in-stock/.



gouyn12 settings (301 jump) experience also shows that both love Shanghai for the 301 jump and the first domain response is very slow. Even 5 months ago (in late July of this year) will have to do a 301 redirect to jump to the site preferred domain of non preferred domain until today (late December 27th) is still love Shanghai included (below).

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