Let’s counter attack and stalls event Scindapsus


station first simple analysis, see the rankings yesterday several keywords are in the top three pages, today found outside the top 100 ranking all, obviously is right to be reduced, as is the cause, up to now the stones have not found the cause, it is certain that this station never bought any link. It has been a bit more normal, snapshot lag, 2012 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Shanghai dragon people, because too much change in 2012. And in 2013 began to love the launch of the Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, we view these 2013 Shanghai Longfeng people and stalls event. Just imagine how many sites will injure the Scindapsus aureus after a period of time? Maybe love Shanghai will give us a green fire application address, in short, the key is the fire injury can hardly be avoided, how much the probability. For the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, individuals have the following ideas:

The first point: green

ranking hundred outside

for the love of Shanghai, I believe that many colleagues are very clear, the fire situation is definitely Scindapsus algorithm of our concern, such as the above sum >

According to Shanghai’s official

just back in the new year of work, love Shanghai has launched a new algorithm, called scindapsus. As the name implies, this algorithm acted as the plant green, green and green algorithm can purify the air, love Shanghai is to purify the Internet environment. The name of the image is in fact for those of us ah, Shanghai dragon staff, is nothing more than a new round of K season came again last night, love Shanghai update, according to stone known: many site is down right, but the probability of K station is relatively small. Most stations have been down the right, to let people suspect that this is Scindapsus played, Scindapsus began to counter attack, and the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng people and stalls event. To the stone enterprise station for example:

algorithm is the focus of the fight against what type of website

love of Scindapsus algorithm description, that is the main object Scindapsus hit are trading links, in which many link platform and buy links, such as: Ali’s famous slightly link platform has also been K station, K station dates are February 20th, here I will not screenshot. But not all of the links to purchase platform website by K station, buy platform will remain a part of the website in the numerous links, and this part of the site should be less link. In addition to link platform website, there is a personal website link, these sites have a single link too much, and most of them are irrelevant with the site itself. In addition we in exchange Links more carefully, away from the cross links and links are not related. In a word, in the link algorithm affect the market will be greatly compressed

nightThe basic situation of the enterprise

second: fire site also can Scindapsus algorithm restore weight

Figure 1:

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