To solve the new station only update snapshot not included in the page problem

first, keep the site regularly, high quality update. To smoothly through the study period, need is with high quality to win the search engine "favor" search engines love is to provide high quality content > every day

said that the first reason for this phenomenon: in fact, this search engine, especially the investigation mechanism of Shanghai’s about love. When the new website, after love Shanghai will submit SITEMAP on your website, keep updating the case content grab and put up on the site, but it will enter a period of study, investigation and evaluation of comprehensive website updated for new play content quality, update rules, sites in this study during the period of the chain stability and development, and how to judge the quality of the site, is suspected of cheating, given certain weights.

After the

for new sites, a problem often faced the webmaster, after submitting the SITEMAP website to the search engine, after a period of time for half a week or so, the content of the site is crawled and included after the release, this is often composed of a web page and the content page of search results, but then faced with a problem: if the content of the site every day to update the website homepage, snapshot every day or three days to update, but not to include new updates, this phenomenon let the webmaster confused, worry is not the site being punished? To solve this problem, but it seems not very easy to find good way, today I am on this issue and share the experience accumulated in practice.

as a search engine, in the face of the vast Internet content, to filter out the most can provide effective reference for the user’s information is not easy in the search engine are established and constantly improve their own unique evaluation system, evaluate the quality of different sites, to observe and study the content of the site quality and the chain and other aspects of the elements, and then presented the assessment results, also is the weight we often say, this will continue to affect the subsequent keywords website ranking, included snapshot, index. So understand the search engine evaluation system and to "match up", is the webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng continuously improve the level of optimization, need to do the site of Shanghai dragon before optimization.

know about the causes of this phenomenon so we can from the following several aspects to start:

line on the new site, the most attention is after enrich the content, by submitting to the search engines in order to be able to quickly get included, as soon as possible to get traffic from search engines. At the same time, earlier submitted to the search engine to update website content of follow-up can be better included, thus increasing the content included, search relevant keywords on the Internet users to increase the exposure rate, may obtain the maximum flow capacity. At the same time, good habits can make the web site maintenance site to get a higher valuation in the search engine here, get higher weight.

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