Analysis of how to stabilize the website ranking according to the actual situation

more intense competitive keywords, website optimization difficulty is greater. But even if the ranking has arrived home website, because the keyword competition is too intense and maintained in a relatively stable state. Therefore, ranking has reached Shanghai love home website is always wary of falling website ranking.

2, good use of stationmaster net. Here refers to the use of some popular network owners to contribute, by the high quality of the chain to gain weight and flow which pulled rank. I usually love on Friday or Monday. Because stationmaster net staff over the weekend to rest, the effective outside chain to reflect directly to the website ranking also need some time. Of course, this submission time is uncertain, a good article can be cast at any time, because love can also vote on Tuesday, Tuesday night in Shanghai seems to have a small adjustment, the transfer speed of weight to reflect the status of the site will soon.

. Some rankings of the first page of the website will stop a chain exchange or.

if you have the ability to do website "area + website construction" home, also proves that you are a Shanghai Longfeng ability, therefore, think about those factors such as a web site keywords ranking stable server, high-quality station architecture, regular updates and all the Key words and description etc. I believe you have to understand, in this small series will no longer argue this is a restatement of the information and as everyone knows, just to share with you, when our web site keywords ranking has achieved the ideal effect, how are we going to stabilize our web site keywords ranking. As with all Guangzhou Qiyi network site optimization article, this article discusses only white hat optimization techniques.

3, pay attention to the chain

or web site keywords "our own construction sites in Guangzhou as an example. The site has been ranked in Shanghai love home, but because of too intense competition keywords (keyword competition index is about 160), therefore, the rank of the relatively large fluctuations, the best time ever ranked love Shanghai natural search optimization second, "the key word ranking website construction" love Shanghai natural search optimization third, but most of the time we, the keyword "Guangzhou site construction" ranking around third or fourth, but occasionally slipped to sixth seventh. First thought is caused by too much competition, but after a period of careful observation found there is actually a ranking method to stabilize the site. The method is as follows:

1, keep the site updated. This is not only refers to the daily updates. Although most of the webmaster is Shanghai dragon as a job, not the cause, and resolutely refused to spend their weekend time to manage the site. But in fact, it is not a trouble. As long as you update the content is good, do not do other work, even if the copy of the article also never mind. This weekend, because other sites are not updated, only your updates, ranking will naturally drive;

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