Shanghai Longfeng Optimization those encountered in exchange of Links means

reduce exchange friendship page weight, namely Links exchange with each other within the page, so that does not distract the weight. And the weight of the inside pages is very low, the home page of each page will point to the highest weight behoove. To reduce the weight of the inside pages, some people will exchange Links with you in the site map. Although will be included in the search engine, but the entire station just a few links to this page, you can get a normal weight? Links exchange must each other Links page is one of the integral parts such as the station said: Exchange page is a channel, inside there is a lot of classification, and the page should be like other channels in all pages have a navigation links, so Links can get due weight. Otherwise, even if the other said not for a as if it were raining flowers, adhere to the principle of "". The exchange of no practical significance not only to spread its weight, but not to any substantial returns.

three: link page cannot be included in

is the most common, after exchange links you check is completed, each other quietly gave revoked out a link to your site, so you give him the link into one-way links instead of exchange chain, more conducive to optimizing the. One such method is often the most easy to find, often look at their Links, if you will indeed lost your links do not look for his theory of what. These words have already got used to him, will link directly removed, henceforth also don’t believe that the webmaster can.

four: do not have the

The so-called

two: reduce the exchange page weight

a trick of fraud is often seen in the link, the Links add the nofollow attribute or the script to make Links lost, where the actual significance, such links do not have any weight transfer. See a fraudulent clicks in DZ yesterday, itself shows links to A5 advertising alliance, in fact.

The higher the transmission link : delete link exchangeA deception method

reverse link quality, the more helpful on the site in the search engine rankings, Links exchange is one of the main modes of the high quality of the chain. The chain is not high quality and not easy to find, although most of the webmaster is the first part to sincere exchange, but sometimes often encounter some deceptive behavior, some love playing tricks to deceive the owners Links to bring value to you but not to give any value, this paper discusses these secret means:

some seemingly ordinary Web links, is also good, the weight will be relatively high. But the other side uses robots.txt to limit index. Although with the exchange of Links, but the page is not indexed by search engines, in this sense, the nature of the unilateral link pure deception. See the other page exchange links are included, is still very important.

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