The domain name is registered for the construction of new sites have effect

1, the old domain name was used, before many outside the chain, whether the chain will have an influence on the new

if you continue to use the domain name before doing as the theme of the content, so that you love Shanghai before the website still inherited the practice may be optimized for it to ascend within a short time, and the probability is again right down will increase.

website has been 20 days, has not yet been included, whether the influence caused by the old domain name? We have good views and opinions?

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old domain snapshot is currently parked in 2006-09-27, to love Shanghai complaint is invalid, the system only accepts the reply "original site to delete or update the complaint, the original site did not change, you are advised to contact the original site to delete links to the original content, the system will automatically update the Shanghai love to correct.".


2, old and new domain name domain name of the web theme is the same, whether the chain of old domain name will have an influence on the new station, whether the chain such as the first of the new sites have influence or


3, love Shanghai do new views and attitudes on the old domain name

asked: is used to do the new domain name, how much? The domain name before doing when the station has sent a lot of the chain, but the chain value is not high, we think it is necessary to change the domain name or any other use of this domain name can also be shown below:

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if you want to use the domain name you can re arrange the site, to the interior of the website optimization, reduce the chance of chain, increase the user experience, some of the garbage before the link will be rejected, and in the love of Shanghai submitted revised rules. The chain before, for now the website there will be some sites not included not only because of your content quality is not high, and that your domain is also a certain relationship. If this is a new domain name, twenty days, should be included in the article beginning, now love Shanghai audit mechanism for new sites is also increasing. For new sites included in the long time, the fastest of the day included the slowest, probably a month or so will be included.

Yang Ying: your web site to see, most of the chain from his love of Shanghai library, Douding network, using the Shanghai library before the discovery of love and Douding network widely published outside the chain, which is right down the website, your website domain name is probably how many abandoned this has something to do with. And this site from the historical record, should have done the black hat, bought the chain.

register is used to do the new domain name will have influence on the new station? Mainly has the following problems:


here are some Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to answer this question, in order to blog and share exchange.

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