The new line after some wrong practices

has a lot of new sites use domain names are just the domain name registration, no relevant historical information basic on the Internet, in the love of Shanghai under the instruction of a blank DOMAIN. So many webmaster hit the rapid construction of the chain idea, through a variety of manual and software of large mass outside the chain, although the website for a period of time the rankings do have a good promotion, but after reaching a certain degree it is difficult to have good performance, especially a large number of new sites through the software construction of the chain, like a individual virtual infants with ginseng and other nourishing tonic to tonic, not only good effect, it will be a big problem. This operation has the following disadvantages:

A large gap in

: a new content, through the acquisition of rapid filling


1 Software: the hair of the chain many unstable, easy to cause a lot of junk the chain lost;

3: the chain send identical, or no readability, search engines will be considered cheating.

3: collected content for others or oneself in the process of collecting the program to do the pseudo original, statements impassability, readability is very poor.

1: the acquisition of the contents of a large number of repeat, because too many people lead to widespread collection of page content;

no mass outside the chain, so I could exchange Links OK? A lack of experience before webmaster hours just put the website online, busy after one hour is all over the world to find Links. Here to remind you that the chain is important, but it needs to have a degree, quantity, time, not suitable for a large number of new temporary exchange Links, because of the following reasons:

is a new station on the line to watch their hope and gave birth to countless emotions like the baby was born, many webmaster want him to grow up quickly, so the psychological anxiety, various methods for use, the effect is not the same: some healthy growth, some things. A new station from the line to maturity has a long period of time, we can not wait for, certainly not in the wrong way, then what is our common mistake for

two: GF chain, Tixu reinforcement is not desirable

2: Collection overflowing will be search engine that is rubbish, even more on the web page is

2: the chain of garbage especially sent to the chain BBS, blog administrator will be removed, causing sharp fluctuations in the number of the chain;

three: eager to exchange Links, fellow sufferers of

1: you are the new, not.


new station on the line at full page, is not feeling very impatient? This time many people will use the "quick acquisition method", a large collection of relevant information on other websites, to plump up the content of the railway station. This method regardless of the normal development of rapid acquisition of at least a few good places:

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