n 2014 the long tail keywords mining imperative

1, in Shanghai love search mining


through the optimization analysis of 2013 2014 year I made optimization plan this year. Optimization of the main direction of two, optimization of the core keywords and long tail keywords, the two directions are equally important, I will enhance the optimization of long tail keywords to a very important position. Because of the long tail keywords bring browsing is very impressive, if the optimization is good, most of the time can be brought in to browse and keywords.

2013 is a year of turmoil to the webmaster friends, love Shanghai algorithm constantly adjust, website has been K, small site slowly disappear. Doing the lottery website construction 贵族宝贝szbgw.cn/ keyword optimization, I am constantly building site, the site was K again after the lottery website construction in the construction of the new site keywords. In general a lottery site I survived in 3 to 4 months, sometimes only 2 months. Such as lottery lottery website, web page ranking keywords very competitive, very unstable.

Optimization of

today to share the following method of mining the long tail keywords, other considerations in the future will be mining the long tail keywords to share, we want to help. Generally speaking, the development of long tail keywords are the following:

love Shanghai drop-down box is an important way for mining long tail keywords, these words largely will allow users to directly search, so is the relevant search. But because the drop-down box is single search, expansion amount is relatively small, the long tail word is not suitable for large volume expansion. If you search for the lottery website, love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search there will be some other words, according to these words to expand some long tail keywords appropriate, such as construction, China best lottery lottery website website construction scheme and so on words.

2014 long tail keywords imperative, so mining optimization is one of the important part of the long tail keywords, long tail keywords mining conditions have a significant impact on the optimization effect.

2, traffic statistics tool

traffic statistics tool is the method of long tail keywords to acquire real and valuable. With the help of website traffic statistical tools can not only analyze the lottery website construction site traffic source, but also can analyze the user’s search behavior, which is the user to enter my lottery website through what the search term.


long tail keywords mining is imperative, many people may not understand the meaning of. In fact, before the webmaster of long tail keywords has been very seriously, but in 2014 the mining of long tail keywords will be more important, personally feel that attention will not be less than some of the core keywords. Why do you say, this is my summary in 2013 of the lottery website optimization work out analysis algorithm to adjust the frequency of the love of Shanghai results.

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