The construction site to simplify

4. can meet the needs of the users with the most simple way. Now, in order to promote the site, many sites have a collection or share function for this position must choose, let users want to share, the first time can be divided.

2. page code to be simple. Redundant code website is very unfavorable for the website optimization, simple code is more advantageous to the spider crawling; and simple code can reduce the cache time, can improve the site open speed; of course, simple code maintenance is relatively simple, but it happens to be involved in site management work is is advantageous to the webmaster. So, the webmaster to view the site code, for any function code, to clear out, which is beneficial to the optimization of the site.

1. is the title of the site should be simple. The design of website title, to be simple and practical for the purpose, not the title is too long, but not prominent focus. Or in the love of Shanghai as an example, the love of Shanghai is the title of the simple a few words "love Shanghai, You’ll see". In addition to the title so simple and easy to remember, but also reflects the brand and function of love in Shanghai, the "Shanghai love" for the brand, "love Shanghai, You’ll see." is its function and slogan. Therefore, in the design of the title, as long as the core of the web site keywords include, can. The title is too long on the user experience is not good.

3. to the user experience, site layout should be simple. When browsing different websites, we will find some of the layout of the site is too complex or too unreasonable, in order to let the user feel very uncomfortable, do not want to visit the site again. For example, here are some website article with comment function, but the content is not restricted to comment, the result is the comment is rubbish information, has a great influence on the website user experience. Simple site layout, clear structure, clear content, so that users can easily know the website can bring them what information, which can meet their needs, which is what the user really need. In addition, the whole site must be coordinated, let visitors feel the visit this website is a kind of enjoyment and not a waste of time.


is now the Internet environment is very impetuous, in order to rank and interests at the expense of the user experience. We often encounter such a problem: what kind of website is the user really need? In fact, in some large sites, such as the love of Shanghai, Tencent, they will find a common characteristic is simple. Yes, we are talking about life, love simple man. Similarly, when it comes to love the user site, site construction and operation personnel to understand a simple web site the user is willing to browse. So how to make web site easier, and search engine and users love the simple? The following is we need to pay attention to:

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