SOSO ask the specific operation of the construction of the chain

after hearing before the A5 on how to better through the hadron, I know to share specific steps. Below the author to share specific operation of the construction of the chain platform Q & A, SOSO to ask for example (love Shanghai know for).


two, a key login multiple QQ


five, QQ,

QQ protection means don’t finish after will not use the links, but to continue to use the QQ account. Because ask a rating system, a QQ account often ask what level will rise up, and the link will leave more authority, more easier, so one of the things is also very important to protect QQ.

I tested several accounts a day to ask the three question, several accounts a day to ask the four question. And ask the three question account without incident, to ask the four question account part accident, part no accident. This is not to say that a question account cannot be a number of issues, but these problems need to deal with our own link. If you don’t answer questions when you ask how much the casual friends.

The number of

four, VPN

SOSO ask is a chain of the construction of the treasure. First, ask in Shanghai and SOSO two on the search engine ranking quite good, which is easy to ask the user browsing. Second, the source of the chain it belongs to the relative stability of. So many webmaster very envious of the construction of the chain to ask, but suffer from do not know how to operate, because after operation is often easy to be titles. The following is the specific details of the operation of the author:

three, a new account is the best day of questioning within three

a key login multiple QQ saves a lot of time and energy. But it also needs the help of batch login QQ tools, this tool with batch application QQ account is also very much. Friends are just in love at sea search can be found by something.

ask the chain construction platform usually belongs to the question and answer form, so we have to have multiple accounts. Otherwise, some account answer to a certain amount, it will be the title, the quiz will be deleted, so a large number of application QQ account is necessary. As for how to quickly apply for QQ account, webmaster friends just fell in love with the sea search volume registration QQ account, there will be a lot of this type of tool.

due to a IP day answer is limited, so we need to change the IP address and then answer with the help of VPN software. The strategy is a few QQ cross answer, then the next day to replace several QQ signals to do so. After all, if the regular are among several QQ, ask each other to answer, but also be regarded as cheating. So cross cooperation between QQ to do well.

, a batch application QQ account

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