The full moon of the new site outside the chain group purchase website operation record

ask and answer questions to disguise, not straightforward to leave the chain and publish content. Look at what others ask and answer the questions, and then imitate the operation. Each do a quiz content, to record data, including the web site, and the account number to ask questions or answer, to facilitate the subsequent operation. The chain of love Shanghai know can transfer the weight, Search ask outside chain can not transfer the weight, so we mainly bare Soso Ask the chain, leaving general keywords + address in the header, this effect.


The platform features of this kind of

is in charge of the 3721 regiment in this period of time, my job is to increase the chain, through several major platforms to optimize orientation to the promotion of the keywords. Since August, the 3721 regiment today included 2570 papers, the main push two words, "home page bearing group purchase website ranking, stability is fifth, the inside pages of the" fast purchase network group purchase website "fell in love with the sea rank, there are a number of long tail word ranking is negligible. Although some website keywords also has a good ranking in Google, but here I only love Shanghai’s record.

summary of the chain platform owners within the industry website, quiz platform, shopping forum, classified information website, blog, etc.. According to the different characteristics of these platforms, the hair of the chain is different form. The article is divided into the inside pages of the anchor text, Links, signature anchor text, the bare chain. In the premise of the chain platform license, we should first consider the insertion of the anchor text in the article, followed by Links (for the blog), again is the signature anchor text (for the forum), the last is the bare chain. Here mainly introduce the release of the chain method on several platforms and main issues.

Q & a platform

1. owners industry website

note: in the pages of the anchor text inserted by the best way to modify the font color, the camouflage is good; if there are posts deleted, then the next time only at the end of the article indicate the source, do not insert the anchor text pages.

is, as long as the theme in line with the corresponding requirements (forum posts for the general experience of Internet news is posted or paste), the survival rate is basically 100%, and most of them can be inserted into the anchor text in the article. Insert the place this kind of platform of the chain has two, one is the inside pages, the anchor text here can be inserted into the corresponding key words, if the context and words related words will bring good points to your keywords ranking. The end of the article, the famous source form with keywords and web site, such as: the source: wwww.xxxxx贵族宝贝. Mode of operation: good character signature, with anchor text code. Select the section in this section, prepare for the release of the contents (usually experience posted or Internet news posted), in order to open the website, insert the anchor text, page, at the end of the famous source, record on EXCL, regular inspection of each post, do good remarks.

At present,

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