Demonstration of effect of time stamp to love Shanghai new snapshot update


new love Shanghai love Shanghai new station included? How to quickly update the snapshot and so on. I will no longer be A5 because we display slight skill before an expert, there have been many answers. Well, then I will give you to talk about my own hands according to a website concluded.

as shown above, this is the beginning of 2014, the website snapshot or stay in December 12th. The site every day of the original update, and return the next day included, is the love of Shanghai also has not updated snapshot. Really depressed, love Shanghai complained several times without what help. And love Shanghai in the last snapshot home page is 2013-11-22. Yesterday morning update website content, see the website snapshot update to 2014-01-02, tread on air. The following figure:

Today when , thank you!

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see? The whole web page, as long as this section with the time stamp. But here the content to the recently updated 3 times (not today), precisely to this day in Shanghai is three times the snapshot update. Push forward, domain name registration for 5 months, the site was opened in November on the line. And the website program using a template. Copy from elsewhere to direct, most of the content is not deleted. So, the conclusion: the time stamp has a certain effect on the new home page snapshot update. Hope to test.

is a fatal problem of the new love Shanghai snapshot update. In this subject to this name, seemed a little too not worthy of the name. However, this problem is many webmaster ignored some careless, when you get foggy, anxious at a loss.

updates to the site a user sent a recruitment information, hope to help to the web. When I publish and refresh page, check the page content, see a date. The following figure:

How fast is

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