A webmaster how to learn to distinguish the high weight of the chain

was once a lot of people in the Shanghai know the love like a raging fire outside the chain, now, let us know the love of Shanghai nofollow thoroughly on the quiz platform disappointed, more important is difficult to leave the link. How can this be done? Professional stronger, answer to official, let more user support, then you will get what you want value.

, a high quality of the chain platform

simple information publishing platform, and the emphasis is the information you have certain characteristics, highlight the key, then the information platform will give you a website to bring some high quality the chain, the key is to highlight the advantages of the promotion of information classification.


two, then the judge has the high quality of the chain is what

love Scindapsus algorithm 2, the approaching rhythm seems to be to the webmaster hematemesis case, the chain platform can release more and less, can be used as the quality and weight of the chain is not straight, in this case, how many webmaster heart with confidence in doing optimization I feel myself anyway? Is like a fly without head, various algorithms can only be cautious to try a variety of methods, no way, if you want to have a place to live in in this industry, you must do change, again and again to try new things, so that it will not be eliminated, we should not be bound by ideas and rules. The survival of the fittest — this is the ancient tradition.



After information publishing platform

blog platform

soft release platformAlthough the Q & a platform

well, so in this algorithm under the rules of Scindapsus, how should we judge the quality and weight of the chain, then how to do this link? Although it has been said in the more important, but you have to believe that "the chain for emperor" was not just the equivalent of a springboard for you the site must be through the chain let search engines.

said the forum, many people say it is garbage outside the chain, this is a good idea, because the forum is too messy, so you will want to do, I believe that the forum will bring you to the high quality of the chain. I believe that many people will see the headline of the article, it is that you have to struggle for the goal, will give you bring value.

forum platform 5,

Shanghai has just updated the


love Shanghai blog update algorithm, some basic blocked, so you have to do is keep updating, to do the content, a blog search engine is the key to have a good impression of nature will bring high quality to your value.

algorithm of 2 love Shanghai green soft outside the chain of a crackdown on certain, but the soft chain is to show a high quality of the chain, will bring some value to you, if you have a soft user experience. For example, A5, the owners of the house, a push platform.

1, outside the chain of quality.

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