2015 do these analyses how important keywords ranking

5, the strength of the rival company and Shanghai dragon optimization ability etc..

on how to select the site keywords, keywords competition size do not detail here, many online articles like this. Simple list of several dimensions to make a transition back to say. –

4, the search results page is the first page keywords deployment page, details page or channel page.

now are talking about the user experience and content first. Do high quality original content of value to the users, so a simple sentence to ask how many people can do it, for me is very difficult. Pseudo original have no market? Not necessarily, the key is to identify the entrance and integration.

analysis of keyword search results page

in front of a lot of long winded to pave the way, but these are necessary, as the right sort of context.

1, see the key index and related public opinion.

I want to say today is how to make the content around the key words. People often said that my words no problem, try to expand the hierarchical deployment site structure, also OK quality promotion station, why do key words always do not go up. If you think that this is also the case for the phrase "the countryside surrounds the city" to carry out good. Get the ranking to get through the long tail keywords page click, reverse transfer weight to improve the core keywords ranking. Certainly a lot of people will say that the long tail keywords my ranking is even worse, do not play the effect. Because of no more than two, the content page is well recommended (in station chain construction and application, the page weight) is another aspect of the topic today: do keyword search engine and content part of the needs of users.

such as the "bottle", there are two kinds of search results in a cracked software, two baby milk bottle. The display point respectively, Wikipedia, pictures, download, electricity, quiz. The search engine user experience and needs first, there is need to understand the needs of users with a keyword is not the same, such as the words that different (possibly software may also be really big, small bottle) demand under demand (love picture or graphic way to browse, the habit (demand) the same information is more love blog) etc.. The search engine is usually on the first page will keywords different content, different types of web page or show, covering the needs of more users. Box Computing and onebox is the full consideration of user needs and different segments of direct appeal, also have more space to show other sites and demand dimensions to better serve customers. Many of us fail to analyze or analysis keywords corresponding to maximum user needs, and the needs of this part show those pages have done very well, and those who do not have much ability or major search engine’s own.

2, see the results page search keywords.

3, keyword search results on the pages of the site types.

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