Analysis of the 2012 love Shanghai new or updated four products

share loveA period of time

2, love sea map

3, Shanghai

, thank you!

B. when you want to understand the relevant information behind a picture, such as shooting some of the story time, place, behind;


obviously, we all let people cheat, it really is just a product exchange forum, not what meaning.

C. when there is a picture you have on hand, want to find a larger size, or there is no watermark, or is the original PS before processing;

1, the Shanghai forum

A. when you want to understand the relevant information of an unfamiliar star or other characters, such as name and press

looks quite interesting, although it seems not very useful, some use of a class of artists. I just randomly cut a figure, A5 logo, found two results, looked at the results, the total feeling should have little effect on the Shanghai dragon, but can’t think of it, we can analysis.

I also see people in A5 posts on this morning to know, I feel very strange, and to love Shanghai forum, which have, will certainly make the upside down, he went in to see, the forum is very simple, greatly disappointed, also a few pages, in the browser, the love of Shanghai sea video and love Shanghai input method, see the style, rather than a forum, a forum for the exchange of love Shanghai this several products, feedback forum.

this time love Shanghai again and again updated, first years ago love Shanghai share, then added many new features like Shanghai statistics, then this two days increase with sea map and love Shanghai forum, to the webmaster adds many new features and good use.

from the local upload a picture or copy the URL you can search source and related information, the Shanghai encyclopedia to fall in love with the sea love knowledge map is:

uses to explain

D. when you want to know, this picture is what the website quoted;


but I didn’t want to look at, since it is in love with the Sea Forum earlier registered a total good, maybe 1, 2 Posts earn chain, registration, a communication card, to review the results, do not go out, I just want to mix a signature yes ah, go to a good signature, to reply to a post, the TNND even reply to the audit, helpless, I can only give up this idea, in the forum around found such a hint: this forum only for the love of Shanghai client product line forum. The products are including love Shanghai love Shanghai love video, browser, input method in Shanghai. Other love Shanghai products to the corresponding Post Bar or exchange website


opened, closed for a period of time, and now open.

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