Want to improve your reputation you must read this article

on the site to enhance credibility, can give a few examples of

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talk to this topic, or would like to thank the QQ group of questions, he saw in love when Shanghai search products have a "V" website of others, he asked me what is the use of this, I simply reply to him a "increase the credibility of the website" credibility is what! Ghost? And network marketing a piece? Can you help our web site to get good search experience? I believe that these problems must be a lot of friends in the concern, so today I put it on the table, one by one to talk about this

3, to enhance the user experience. No matter the credibility is through external construction, or through internal site construction, their ultimate goal is to get together friendly between the website and user, website reputation rise to the website, will increase its influence on users more love to your website, the best of both worlds.


1, this is the most important point is to cultivate a sense of trust. Once the site between users to establish a trust relationship, no matter what the site, what happened, a trust enough to let all the difficulties smoothly done or easily solved.

fell in love with the sea through the reputation of the "V" certification, let users increase the search results of trust in the search results;

even now many of the media column, is also on good columnist of the "V" certification;


what is the credibility of

what effect is there?

micro-blog through the user "V" certification, improve the "V" value;

web site credibility

the Internet is now the domestic trend is very good, and the "Internet plus" provide us with a very good development environment, that many enterprises will through a variety of ways to enhance their credibility. For example:

represents a kind of attitude. A website focusing on the construction of credibility, as a web site to provide excellent content to their users, for the sake of users, this is a responsible attitude.

and above credit means to upgrade is only a small part of the site will be divided, some of the identity of the user level, which is to increase the credibility of the site.



I love Shanghai, not even on the entry of Wikipedia introduction, some only a few articles, there are a lot of relevant search results. So, I will give the "credibility" a definition: through a series of marketing means can let website identity improve, let visitors increase trust, and is conducive to the sustainable development of the website evaluation standard.

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