Web site operators how fast diagnosis of a website

any website is cannot do without the content and the chain, I believe we all know this. For web content and web site content, whether related to whether the latest information (not outdated information), the content of the website is.

The basic diagnostic

website is one of the most headache problems, especially some webmasters or web site operators in the optimization of the web site to see their website problems (mainly ranking, weight) but not start. The webmaster forum also often see some friends often ask questions, the site encountered a problem how to do. The guardian for the problems of everyone to do a simple introduction, I hope to discuss with you.

three: the diagnosis and optimization of content and the chain site.

website clear after the need for the general structure of the diagnosis of any website, the page layout template looks is suitable for users to browse, the layout of how to set, whether to add a site map, site 404 error pages, art, color and other issues, whether with some attributes, links are derived add nofollow. These problems may have no major problems in the selection of good website program, this point basically has not been too much attention to friends. But for the site map, color art, or should pay more attention to. The overall layout of the site is not what will be the same to check the website column, finally to check the page layout. This is a complicated work, especially over the new friends must take time.


: the diagnosis of the most basic factors of website.

is currently the industry website A5 diagnosis of marketing, there are some small institutions and senior webmaster website in the diagnosis of this thing, but for most of the webmaster, you are not profitable, with no fear of diagnosis after the ideal effect, so that thousands of dollars is not willing to spend. The guardian today from three aspects to the webmaster friends to introduce the diagnosis basic steps about the site, you can exchange it.

website is the most basic what should be the domain name, space and program, then is your keyword etc.. For any website, time domain (the most direct is the website operation time) is too long, a website should at least have more than half a year; we selected the site space, if domestic space is already on the record is normal or not accurate; for the website of this program, the guardian of the individual webmaster suggestions friends select a default procedure, not to use on the Internet have changed procedures, of course you have to change the technology can. The basic elements of the website is the need to clear after the correct analysis of the theme of the site, the site needs to express the content, how to show the content, which requires good keywords, mining site keywords, for words and brand transformation word (the transaction) is very important. Basically this step we will through the webmaster tools.

two: general structure site diagnosis and optimization.

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