Yiqifa 5A online datingReview and summarize the process of doing Wuhan second hand network

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chose the domain name at first. Needless to say, everyone was more capable than I was. I do website built their own code program, with their own good ASP programming, want to use ACC before what, but afraid of the impact, so there is no, the program set up a mobile phone number can only register a membership number, once your mobile phone number is registered will not be re registered. And each month, 1 members can only send 5 messages, if not more than hair, have rushed to VIP, then re registered mobile phone number itself can not be registered, so greatly profit consideration. Set up a framework with pages that are concise and user oriented.

How to let

let single friends find the perfect partner in the shortest possible time,

has been a second-hand network in Wuhan for several months, and this second-hand network is my painstaking work. Two months later, finally a little small, almost a lot of keywords I ranked first, IP also has two hundred or three hundred, although very few, but still very satisfied. Wuhan’s Internet users can not help but, Internet users search consciousness is far less than Beijing, Shanghai, the same second-hand network, the same keywords ranking, different regional traffic difference. Don’t talk so much, just start building websites.

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520940.cn I love you is you, five A compatible network on-line registration promotion.

how to choose good keywords? In the Baidu hot list on the Wuhan, Wuhan and other second-hand related keywords used to do a lot of comparison, choose 7, 8 index, maximum search volume many words. Here to explain, select these words as keywords to my site is not afraid of competition, because the maximum index keywords every day there are 450 search volume, can only say that the Wuhan second-hand class website keywords too outdated, choose the long tail keywords website keywords, volume title, description in.

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Links have exquisite, remember my website PR up I sold 4 links, the results between the weight of keywords and included the amount of night down a lot, to 100 dollars almost ruined, but the snapshot is retreated to last month. In fact, the best link with similar sites for exchange, some vulgar or quality is not high web site, do not have to consider.

CPA:0.7 yuan / h, 24 hours independent IP count. Banned in any way cheating registration, welcome to the webmaster active

Baidu and Google website is the most important work, using the method of the chain is soft and soft outside the chain of original content, is a very important kind of website optimization, a high quality of soft Wen will attract a lot of downloads, so your external links will increase, I wrote a lot of the site of knowledge in the soft Chinese webmaster and so on published, attracted a lot of reprint, also attracted a lot of IP, also wrote a lot of second-hand knowledge in the local famous soft release by the community forum.

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

launch promotion.


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