How to distinguish the enterprise station in Shanghai love chain

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talked about the construction of the chain of love in Shanghai before we ask, what kind of chain of love Shanghai, what kind of love Shanghai station outside the chain of effective enterprise, especially now the love Shanghai weight data, to a site in the weight of love Shanghai directly.


station obviously don’t have so much outside the chain. Domain: go after you will find many irrelevant pages such as: noble baby, page Youtube. That is because the domain name is English words, so love the natural split in Shanghai when a single word page also pull over, so as you see this scene, a few months of the new sites haven’t done links, the chain number over 10000.

, what kind of the chain of love Shanghai? The chain link and two-way one-way one-way links, generally refers to the chain in various places to do the Internet, generally refers to the two-way link we do website links. We should note that we can be loved in Shanghai included in the release of the chain in the chain released at the same time, because only included the page to weight transfer, the one-way link weight transfer height, weight depends on the release point and the page by the number of links. Simply speaking, the hair in place no weight chain, will not be included, you can not be effective outside the chain link. Friendship connection is more direct, basically can be called directly outside the chain, but it also needs to consider whether the weight of each other can be more to you, not to win the number, cause an exodus of their site weight, The loss outweighs the gain.

web site overall weight, ranking is our final pursuit. But the reasonable construction of the chain has a direct impact on their. Finally, we talk about how to increase the enterprise station effective and high weight of the chain, as the name suggests, is the company enterprise station manufacturers, businesses for their own websites, their purpose is to sell their products or services, these sites often seek should not flow, but the real potential customers. This kind of website chain, remove the weight for the ranking page oriented, most attention should be those industries related to B2B platform, classified information network, network related industries, the next is the blog of the construction, the forum released. Because the former can not only bring the weight station to the enterprise, but also can directly face the potential customers, can be said to shoot two hawks with one arrow. So do the ranking also don’t ignore it, so that customers can browse from various places > Real

two, what kind of the chain of enterprise ranking station? Usually we go to the query of a website will often go to some station, where you can appear in all aspects of the website data, of course, most people know that love Shanghai chain are not allowed, it is because the relevant domain is to find some love Shanghai the page and your site related, including these pages you have done outside the chain place, and also includes some of your domain related web pages. This is a simple example can illustrate, map:

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