Some thoughts on the chain of micro blog


page is a share number

second provides website information — to use website information search function. Search relevant keywords in micro-blog, then private letter, inform the demand for information, or directly review information. The exchange of information is also released to provide information on the web site, directly to the website promotion.

first look at the search engine is how to calculate the value of

of a page interactive comment


can be included, then micro-blog chain how to


evaluation of the content may be more than these, but all in all, to help more users more of your website more valuable. So micro-blog is how to do such a chain effect?

page is a top number

here to remind everyone of the three point

pageThe amount of

third, the interaction and adhere to the fans, the fans are concerned about you because you have the information he needs. Taobao, you may want to know the latest Taobao new products; attention to Li Kaifu, you may want chicken soup; attention station network, you may want a website promotion of knowledge sharing. As a disseminator of information, should adhere to when mentioned related information or problems in the fans should be timely reply.

through the search engine we love Shanghai recent hot micro-blog (large), you will find that their love is content, Shanghai will be included. How micro-blog love Shanghai will be included? After I pro test, the Tencent will collect the micro-blog home page, Sina and micro-blog will only included large micro-blog. So when you leave the site in micro-blog information, then find the link, is found to have such a chain.

browsing a web page.


love Shanghai can sometimes find micro-blog with micro-blog web site, so in the end is not outside the chain of


business and a business website is a reason, the chain effect of micro-blog depends entirely on how you how to use micro-blog. If you just add the site information in your profile. So, this is just a very ordinary chain, with a completely unknown website to leave a connection is. If you carefully operating micro-blog, then micro-blog will be a huge chain entrance.

first, micro-blog’s careful management to form a large fixed group of users, publish positioning in the web service information, this ongoing promotion of website information, leave a URL, very easy to get from non search engine PV. Of course, the premise is to have a fixed location, management, service user groups on the website.

?In fact, micro-blog

the user retention time.

1. micro-blog as the chain with >

and the content of a page is rich in

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