With the misunderstanding of soft writing experience about the website of Shanghai Longfeng writing

in optimization, a lot of people, not only is the webmaster, also need Shanghai Longfeng soft businesses, will come up with a bunch of keywords, and according to their own needs to place keywords in Shanghai Longfeng soft, and add a link…… Thus, we found a lot of a lot of soft paper contains a large number of keywords on the network, right according to some Shanghai Longfeng rules, keywords in Shanghai Longfeng soft in frequency is 2%-8%, which is a 500 to 800 words in the article are 10 to 64 words. Maybe some people do not have a concept, the world can tell you, this also means that in every 50 words will be a keyword. When the key words are bold to get search engine attention, users will find this article in boldface.

Keywords Before Keywords

and coexistence problem is too many links too much. Presumably many webmaster want to add as much as possible in the keywords related to your links to increase the weight of the site. Keywords but enough and more than enough links will only make the search engine to feel the article is suspected of cheating, may also seriously will be punished. But in many web sites or forums, can add links, then the Shanghai dragon soft almost a little feeling cornered.

the world wrote "search engine favorite >

here, as can be imagined, this article will bring what kind of user experience. In general, associated with an article keywords, such as mobile phone Shanghai dragon soft, keywords mostly 3G mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, tablet Android touch screen mobile phone, cost-effective mobile phone, the most popular and best selling mobile phone mobile phone…… The main keywords and long tail keywords similar amount is enough, but this feeling to the readers is very awkward, but because of similar keywords, so in any case in the content of the adjustment, keywords over Shanghai dragon is very difficult to do simple and smooth soft. Finally, this paper give the user the feeling is not readable, unreadable, naturally can not play the role of promotion.

today, in order to promote the site, in order to make the search engine more and faster search records, in order to Google, ranking Shanghai love search front, the webmaster of Shanghai dragon is soft and spare no effort on the network, Shanghai dragon soft overwhelming, but the webmaster will also find out the existing problems, such as the optimization of very clearly good, but not by the search engine’s favor; some are even Shanghai Longfeng soft search engines a lot, however the website traffic did not rise in this world, many webmaster misunderstanding of Shanghai dragon chicken soft.

in fact, although some high weight site is not allowed to add links, but this is a very good method to increase the weight. There are reproduced, can be very good to promote the Shanghai dragon soft.


2, too many links

1, too much.

3, theme and irrelevant keywords.

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