Why do you know that the chain suddenly more and less do

I believe that for two or three years the station master of the brothers, have such experience, included more time, the flow is not necessarily, sometimes included less traffic but more, there is some specific theme, the main keyword rankings, the long tail key word flow down. Long tail traffic, up, down the main keyword. Always give a person a kind of feeling. You can’t have my personal view, out of second cases, I think you should not overdo sth. less Shanghai dragon, I go on for the station. Because of the love of Shanghai, popular keywords, the competition will be very there are always some intense, high level brother webmaster can optimize to the top, but according to my observation in addition to the first outside, others are particularly unstable, change outside the second Often fast, sometimes on page third, sometimes second, but can be optimized to second bits are not ordinary people, in the hands of resources and unknown skill also makes us very far behind.

point, what kind of chain is valuable for us, meaningful. The external anchor text that is love Shanghai trust station (chain), if you love Shanghai, Sohu, NetEase, Sina, Google home page can be a link to you, I believe that tens of thousands of links to absolute victory any other station. A few days ago to see an article, a brother said his chain fell from ten thousand to more than 1000, I can tell him clearly, his station was drop right, at the end of the year or day, he absolutely of keyword or chain is adjusted, a period of time increase too much the chain (now I have a station due to a more than 30 increase in the chain the current snapshot also stops before December 24th 2000ip traffic within a week fell to 200IP, the chain was dropped from 33600 to 300, but I quickly removed those After the link, the chain will recover, but then I will not do a keyword and the name of the site in two as a major adjustment, the chain has dropped to more than 50, I keep a week or so after the update, the chain has returned to 33400, but the traffic is not restored, this usually occurs in the middle of a month, No. 1415, No. 23, No. 27, No. 7 (the above is only a personal view), now love Shanghai update unlike before the previous Friday what I think can give up, now the main focus in the mid update, if at all time you stand outside the chain of large floating, so people must be down the right, standing for so many years, not because of what love encounter Shanghai itself change your station outside of the chain, that love the sea > tone


chain is a very important factor, for a web site for the premise, your station is a new station, not what regular visitors, the main source of traffic from search engines, precisely love Shanghai, then as a webmaster, is certainly quite concerned about the chain, I can and to think, as a webmaster, you want every day in Shanghai love box site domain how many times, see the recent collected, look outside the chain of.

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