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now have built a basic website basically the webmaster friends should be handy, it is the domain name space, coupled with the open source program can quickly build a website, some webmaster even 2 hours to build and set up the entire site, we all know now in the website are basically on the search engine to profit, so how to complete the site to build on the site of Shanghai dragon set it, today to talk about the website describes how to write to the Shanghai dragon.

plus eye-catching symbol descriptionIn fact,

take our company site description writing is not good, the main keywords too much, not what the expansion of space for the main keywords relatively few webmasters can consider the site to describe punctuation with eye-catching, we recommend the use of your or. This kind of symbol, can make the original the comma replaced the two symbols, examples of "Chinese etiquette celebration celebration. The wedding. Portal has * * * exhibition show PR etiquette celebration * anniversary celebrations and rich resources, build an information bridge unimpeded; provide strong " business information platform for the enterprise and the customer; although the keywords very much." is not very eye-catching? If the site row in the front page article three or four will also give users themselves, the impact of the user’s visual attention.

1, with the key words on the

description is what we call it description, on the website of Shanghai dragon set plays a very important role, because the site is not only to describe the search engine, the greater the role to the user, because it can more clearly tell whether users of this website is the information you want, and content location of the entire website with comprehensive overview. Of course, the search engine is also very focused on here, especially love Shanghai, so a reasonable description to add their own keywords is the web site keywords is very necessary in the site, we take the ceremonial celebration of portal description of the site to analyze " China portal has ceremonial celebration of celebration, wedding, performances, exhibitions, public relations, etiquette the celebration of the anniversary celebration, rich resources, build an information bridge unimpeded; provide " business information platform for enterprises and customers; although the keyword is very much, but the words of this website to include, if your website main keywords very few words, keywords in the description of the 3-5 is the most appropriate.

description can be added in the advertisement? Plus advertising not afraid to search engine drop right? In fact, in the beginning I also think so, but we want to add advertising is our No. QQ or telephone contact, this method is very useful for selling products website, of course, also can use the site of the industry the users do not have to enter the website you can see the advertisement information, if combined with the good of the two previous methods, the effect is very obvious, it is best to contact > in the description of the tail and

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