Discussion on how to optimize the enterprise website

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website title is website optimization a very important factors. Not only is an important factor to determine the ranking, also is an important factor in determining the click rate. The best website in the title of key words, not just the simple keyword, which is not consistent with the user experience. In addition, the site title not frequent modification, each page of the title is not the same, each page must independently set a different title.

enterprise website due to relatively small scale, but how to optimize has plagued many enterprise site optimization personnel. For a new website, the content is plagued every website weakness. So how are we going to optimize the business website? How to make the enterprise website can have good rankings? Here in my own experience to talk about how to optimize the enterprise website.

love according to Shanghai’s official statement, description tag is not calculated in the search engine ranking rules in. This does not mean the description tag ranking on the site has no effect. Describe the effect on the website of the label is mainly reflected in the click rate, if the description is written well, even if your relative ranking after a bit, the hit rate will be higher than the row in front of you, we all know, if a website hits high, ranking will be to improve. In addition, can also increase the density of keywords page description tag. When writing a description tag if complete, rather like the title, description tag number is generally controlled within 120 Chinese characters.

enterprise website, website content is less, not suitable for the long tail theory, most of the traffic to our site is from the core keywords. Therefore, we choose the key to first consider how to determine the target keywords website. The need to pay attention to choose the target words when we are going to choose according to the scale and product characteristics of their website to. We cannot choose those flow, strong words to do keywords, this is because a corporate website resources are limited, so the word we are unable to compete with the big website, unless is to have a very strong team. Keyword selection determines the final results of your website optimization, so we choose the key to much consideration to determine the best keywords.

finished the selection of key words, the next step is to make the content and structure of the layout of the site, a clear structure of the site can not only enhance the user experience, and contribute to the optimization of love Shanghai. 1, about the layout of the keywords to nature, do not stack keywords, use hidden text, in order to optimize and avoid the optimization; 2, home key layout, best title keywords, keywords about three appear in the text, the first to use the H1 tag; 3, the design of navigation. > navigation

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