On the search engine for the guiding role of the market in Shanghai Dragon

between Shanghai and Phoenix search engine although there is no agreement, no more exchanges, the search engine to improve your weight you will not inform you to K your station without prior notice. The search engine is basically not to speak. But the two have a default agreement, that is the search engine rules, a rule I Shun Chang, I stand in the inverse rules of protocol, and the search engine is fair. We know that "no rules no Cheng Fangyuan", while in Shanghai Longfeng market neither national recognition, there is no official regulations, that is to say there is no explicit rules at all! But because of the existence of the default rule search engine punishment, so in the course of time down, out of seven upside down Shanghai Longfeng market in order not to cause their demise began the study on the rules of search engine, and follow the research out of its own search engine rules. This rule is formed by default agreement between the Shanghai dragon and search engine. And the default rules in the invisible has been formed in the Shanghai dragon industry rules, leading to the regularization of Shanghai dragon.

we know that there is no unified regulations and materials, basically is that you study you, I learn my! Many of their own learning, so cause the Shanghai dragon market scene uneven in quality. Fortunately, one is all Shanghai dragon although not the same, but have the same purpose, and that is through better ranking to gain profit from the flow has reached the destination, so visible Shanghai Phoenix are attached to the search engine, so although we cannot regulate Shanghai Longfeng market, but the search engine can guide to market by Shanghai dragon to regulate their own rules on standardization Road, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

although the search engine basically not spoken, but after several adjustments, its purpose is more and more apparent, that is the degree of customer experience. But the search engine to create the purpose of irreparable defects: that is the search engine can only be others do the website to show up, but not to change others site customer experience. The fact that direct irreparable into the search engine to the customer experience for the purpose of stumbling block. What do you do? This time you need to search engine of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, need a huge market to help Shanghai dragon. This is the search engine in order to achieve their purpose and need to assist the local Shanghai dragon. For this adjustment after the recent search engine search engine can be seen more and more inclined to practice this, you help me solve the problem of customer experience, then I will help you show your website, improve the visibility and flow to you, if you’re not for me to solve the problem of customer experience, so I don’t patronize you. Gradually in Shanghai dragon industry has formed a rule, as a staff of Shanghai Longfeng >

Shanghai dragon and search engineAlthough the

second: the purpose of search engine needs to guide

first: the default protocol

Shanghai dragon

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