Site to make money step by step Between you and ambitious jobs actually only a sack of fake seal

now send this article, it is a starting point, in the new, now I don’t mind too much, don’t think what a day to earn 100 dollars I am not greedy, love money, but I’m doing this thing at home does not work. So maybe you’re doing the right thing to make some extra money, and I’m not, so I’m under a lot of pressure.

in fact, the fundamental reason that entrepreneurial intentions, young people will not venture into the implementation of the plan, or from their own lack of courage and determination to do.

In the early days of

wrote so much, if brothers do stand in the process will be sad, write together, write out, everything is good.

I’ve been dreaming of making 100 dollars a day, but I’ve never thought of doing it.

recently in the media, in the attack Fajiabusi. He was said to be a Ponzi scheme, and some said he was an idealist. I don’t approve of this view. As an entrepreneur, taking risks is a trait in itself.

recently, in many public situations, people are talking about it. LETV, what is the name or surname jia. Actually, I’ve talked about this a lot of times.

objectively speaking, LETV Jia surname surnamed sun, is not important, important is how to carry the banner of LETV, to continue its ecological construction, build their own core competitiveness.

to write this article, the first is poured out their bitterness, Twentieth advise those who do stop thinking about big money, brother, don’t worry, one day you will be Robin Li second, have a beginning, there will be good results, I believe this evening to say Khan, 1:30.


I don’t know, see this article you lose money to do a station every day, or every day to earn more than 100 yuan extra money? I’m not in the web site to make money, is not the cause of IP, but did not insist.

because of this, it is reasonable for entrepreneurs to experience strategic crises. In the writing of "Internet plus the era of enterprise crisis management" a book, I hereby put the strategic crisis made a lot of reports, and relevant business case. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and readers have benefited greatly from this, and have even sent me invitations to lecture on the business they run.

I had a plan, I one day earn not 100, I work for 1 months, or 2 months, a day income of a dollar? I used to waste of time wasted, Jinbuhuan, return of the prodigal son, what’s the big deal.. With the income of one dollar a day start, but also worry about the future development do not you say?.

yesterday evening, my brother and I tried to force the cry, this is the third time since grandma died, and his girlfriend broke up after the cry, I cry so many years so disappointing, after a good cry, really, really very relaxed.

a friend once did a survey. The contents of the survey is in the face of crisis, when, as an entrepreneur you dare carved false seal, results show that the answer to "dare" under 1/3 people.

on many occasions, I used to take Apple Corp founder Steve ·, Jobs for example. In the Apple Corp, the creed is "to make your own invention, and don’t care what other people say." one can change the world".

in that case, readers might ask, "what kind of person is good for entrepreneurship?" the answer to this question is the gambler. In the eyes of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is an adventure in itself. Why gamblers suitable for business? Is the gambler dare, dare to bet, want to win and dare to lose, so the most suitable for business.

I finally know that I’m really lazy and can’t stick to anything. Although I insist on standing, I can’t stand. A basic day, an idea. A day change program, in this way, consumed day by day. Time is wasted, money is lost.

‘s asleep. I hope there’s a good start tomorrow.

has been in contact with HTML since the beginning of 01 years and has now been 7 years old. From a hobby, to now no longer work, do a professional SOHO family. However, over the years, a collection of the largest single block is 100.

creates a great company, and the entrepreneurial spirit of adventure is essential,

by, run,

has said to himself for so many years, "as long as you insist, there is nothing to do, but I have not insisted on it.". So we can’t make much money at all. Now I’m at home, no income, the site no longer do, ADSL fees are out of the parents. Not to mention how much a day earned.

, Steve · Jobs once hung a huge pirate flag on the roof of an office building, enough to explain Steve &middo>

as everyone knows, for any entrepreneur, to beat the competitors, to create a great company, the spirit of adventure is essential, especially after a certain scale, such a business venture – transformation and change, it is an evaluation of a great entrepreneur and not a basis.

although the survey is not rigorous, especially Sike seal itself is an illegal behavior, but shows a problem, encounter danger, as entrepreneurs, and if you dare to adventure. Perhaps this is between you and ambitious jobs across a sack of fake seal, the most fundamental reason insurmountable.

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