How do through Shanghai dragon online education to earn first pot of gold

I feel very excited, for second days, I began to promote my Shanghai Longfeng optimization services on the blog on. Taking into account the Alibaba on most network operators even Shanghai dragon do not know what is, I wrote a book "Shanghai dragon will be able to help you make money every day", an article in my blog. This series is very popular, there are a dozen customers to consult the Shanghai dragon optimization service every day.

has a client in Fujian of Shanghai Longfeng I mentioned is very interested in, is said to want to learn this technique, ask if I could teach her. I said, of course. She asked how much money. I think carefully reported a >

didn’t do a few days, my colleagues announced that do not sound multimedia keyboard. I had to find another product. I don’t much money at that time, only 3800 yuan in cash, so dare to move the money, after all, but also consider the problem of life.


5 years working career, around 18 companies, because sales have been good, I was nothing. In July 2007, my first exposure to the Shanghai dragon. Was very excited, made a website, with more than a month time, the words to the first page love Shanghai, these words brought me better quality customers. This gives me a lot of confidence.

at the end of July 2008, I decided to start their own businesses. But what kind of project? Just a colleague of the agent of a multimedia keyboard sound, I feel very good market prospects, so he has made her subordinate agents. I think the first one is the propaganda platform, Alibaba. I opened a shop in the Alibaba, the products are hanging up. Then I opened a blog every day to write articles on the blog, the blog and shop together, can have the intention of receiving several enquiries every day.

8 and 14 in the evening, I suddenly had an idea: since I understand Shanghai Longfeng, why not go to Shanghai to help enterprise customers with dragon Shanghai dragon website optimization? This is a purely technical, do not need to invest any capital cost, operating on the computer can.

‘s first taste of Shanghai dragon online education, immediately profitable

I am

next, me with my own story, share with you, how I was a person in the network of Shanghai Longfeng vertical field, make the first pot of gold.

from the beginning of August 2008, in the Shanghai dragon online education, has more than 6 years. A few years later, I am not Tandaqiuquan, shengengxizuo in Shanghai Longfeng network vertical field, earned my first pot of gold. As an independent Shanghai dragon online education workers, the first pot of gold is enough to make me such a big city had a carefree and content in Shenzhen.

I graduated from Xiangtan normal college in June 2003, the inaugural direction originally after graduation, should be a middle school teacher. But I didn’t go to school as a teacher, but chose to work in Shenzhen.

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