A new station on the line three months the optimization idea and process analysis

second, the appropriate internal links can attract the crawler to grab. At present, for any website only to let the spider grab more of our website, our content is likely to be more included, new sites without any weight, the chain can not recklessly wantonly under the condition of the construction of the chain is reasonable basis to attract spiders index, here the author’s suggestion is that we can try to do some relevant keywords on the site has the significance in the article, taking the form of anchor text to the site centralized. The anchor text not a single page but you can take the auxiliary keywords and long tail word combination, appropriate links to web pages, we must grasp the nature of moderate tone, the anchor text links page and must have a high degree of correlation.

as everyone knows, website optimization with the development of the enterprise electronic commerce competition has become more and more intense, as a new Shanghai dragon, I recently took over a site optimization of the building materials industry, the main keywords are Xi’an cabinet, after optimization of nearly three months of the current site in Shanghai love fourth pages, the author as a a new optimization, hope to share their work in the current web operation in some bit by bit, well with everyone, I share the following aspects and together.

third, second months to gradually increase for the web site Links. The website to January 10, three months, two months before is to update the article, in the second months of the article pages out of 7 articles, this time I proceed with the relevant Links for website construction, Links construction we should grasp a benchmark, it is the relevance of the links partner, only a good correlation of friend chain is an effective Links can promote the weights of the website.

first, a new station on the line the first problem we need to solve the problem is included. A new station without any weight and credibility, as a new webmaster everywhere we are faced with unfavorable factors, in fact, the author takes an example and analysis, it is like a new entry-level, this time all my colleagues will in the new doubts, what does it do? Character how many? Mark around the old staff ear. I think this time as a rookie first daring to let everyone know yourself, for example, and we can confidently communicate and introduce yourself, into the collective as soon as possible. The search engine is a truth, a new station on the line, the station is still holding regular site cheating to search engine, this time is the time for new sites for investigation, mainly inspects the update of quality problems, whether the update frequency is fixed, for the new station is the performance of a month may be included the home page, you update daily high quality content will release some pages may be second months, so here the author suggests that a new station on the line within three months of the quality is the key, no matter how search engines like I have to keep a calm mind, guarantee the quality of the content is updated every day to do their content the most basic work.

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