Depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of major advertising alliancesYiqifa new advertis

1, sh419 alliance

advantages: high advertising revenue, good reputation, the reputation of the site is also a kind of affirmation.

disadvantages: more difficult to pass, the application is relatively simple, but the application process is more difficult. Advertising costs are generally: less than 800 yuan is not tax, and if more than 800 yuan, according to 20% tax collection, so. If you have more advertising revenue. Suffer more. But if you are a big station.. Still afraid of the tax on the intersection? Anyway, nothing will be lost. When contributing to society. joking.

sh419 advertising alliance http://s.union.sh419

, everybody Webmaster:

         ;         everybody!
ppfilm  using international advanced technology, to support large-scale video on demand. Web2.0 architecture allows you to speak freely, enjoy the pleasure of being masters of the country, "look, we want to see."". "Forever free" is ppfilm’s constant commitment, and hesitant, come on! With your participation, ppfilm will be more popular, more fluent and more satisfactory!

data return: 48 hours

shlf1314 ad alliance http://s.adsense.shlf1314

Ali mom ad alliance alimama

advertising alliance includes three factors: advertiser, website owner and advertising alliance platform. Advertisers in accordance with the actual effect of online advertising such as sales, guidance, etc. to the owners of the site to pay reasonable advertising costs, save marketing expenses, improve marketing quality. The website owner chooses the right advertiser through the advertisement alliance platform, and enhances the revenue by playing the advertisement advertisement, simultaneously saves the massive network advertisement sale expense, easily changes the website visit amount to the income.

Chinese the most well known advertising alliance, through this alliance certification, is that your website reached a standard of success, because not all of the stations are available through sh419 alliance, it has its own evaluation is very strict and standard through the application.

currently in China, the credibility and strength of the better advertising alliance: sh419 advertising alliance, shlf1314 advertising alliance, Ali mom alliance.

two, the major advertising Union introduced:

1. First of all, what is an advertising alliance?. An advertising alliance, usually an online advertising alliance. In 1996, Amazon provided an additional source of revenue for tens of thousands of Web sites in this new way and became a major way of survival for the SOHO community. At present, affiliate marketing is still in its infancy in China, although some individuals or enterprises are involved in it. This field, but the scale is not large, the general network marketing personnel and network management personnel alliance marketing is still relatively new.

, the world’s leading advertising alliance, is also the originator of the advertising alliance. The world has a share of nearly 80% and is settled in dollars. Detailed introduction can be understood in "sh419, shlf1314", and it is not explained here.

advantages: advertising revenue is very high, advertising revenue is good, the algorithm is accurate. And settled in dollars. After 100 dollars, you don’t have to collect taxes. That’s right

World Network Technology Co. Ltd. www.4006cn was founded in September 2004, is a high-tech company dedicated to the application of advanced information technology in the service of the information industry China. World network has a strong technical and financial strength, received strong support from governments and major telecom operators, is one of the important partners China Netcom, China Telecom, China Unicom in Shandong.  
        www.cn4006 users enter websites advertising alliance, have the intention to buy and dial the hotline or submit membership registration information and the opening of the 4006 business, then the amount of each successful user 12% Commission for you.

        Yiqifa alliance billion every login today!
        billion every man was founded in 2004, after nearly three years of development, become a professional woman department store products and underwriting Internet publishers. Operating categories include skin care products, bags, underwear, small household electrical appliances, home, nutrition, health, watches and so on, nearly 10000 kinds of products, has a large user base and good customer loyalty.

        cooperation mode: CPS
              gold: small appliances   3%;
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2, shlf1314 alliance

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