GG income over half a month even two thousand have not been KGod carved with Zhang Zhaoyang so as 9

here is a GG account I test last month, up to now has not been K, you don’t scold me, I just feel happy to share, I hope my friends have to adjust their mentality, I think what is the state of mind is the first,

, let’s talk about methodology, but when one thing can be clearly explained, it will no longer be great. We can study all the paintings from ancient to modern times, why would become famous? When this picture just hanging out, the previous methodology can’t explain it, if the original methodology can explain it, then it must not to be great. If it is a great picture, it must have a premise that there must be a great starting point, and a great starting point must be full of openness and countless possibilities.

carved God: using entrepreneurship to achieve three heavy freedom

we know, before IDG to cast the Tencent, tormented Ma Huateng one night and asked him what do you take to make money, he said he did not know, and finally IDG said or cast it, voted two million dollars. Later, IDG sold the shares for $twenty million, when they were so happy. Now, they’re inside!

last weekend, hosted by IDG capital, "entrepreneur" and SegmentFault Co IDG- campus entrepreneurship contest held in Tsinghua University, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang, carved sirloin God carved on the founder of entrepreneurship in sharing their insights in the entrepreneurial process, and more than 85 after 90 entrepreneurs to explore innovation with the topic of entrepreneurship.

One of the most famous case

GG AD I think is a lot of luck, a lot of cheating people first month can receive the check, and those who do not cheat many webmaster friends haven’t received PIN have been K, often see a lot of friends complain here, I can only comfort you in my heart, there is no other way. K sent GG to you as soon as possible after K explanation, can be re opened then congratulations to you, it is not, that there is no way, do this thing with you to buy a lottery ticket, was the first prize, when you go against has found the ticket can not find, it can what is the way, only to find, looking to find, you can’t find it, it is best to adjust their mentality, in the new, the other is not what ah, friends say is not, I say these are mainly want to be K friends a little comfort, not much else to say.

pictures address: /upimg/allimg/071125/0037140.jpg

has received PIN today, and I wonder if I can receive the Western Union payment in the next month, and expect

actually, I’m very low-key and rarely come out. I just ask Li Feng how let me tell you what, is everyone had drop out? No problem, I knew this thing; I will speak a little bit of methodology, I as before 90, pure Internet is not familiar, but I love some of the traditional industries and the Internet grafting, I’m familiar with this thing. Take AFU essential oils, we do under the line in general, but we enter the Internet, the rapid use of essential oils as the first. Then I will do nothing to do boring, God carved sirloin, now plans to do skewers, anyway, do a lot of things.

a person’s life to solve three problems, especially here the next graduation will soon face three major problems: the first problem is the wealth of freedom, wealth and freedom by working to solve hard, graduated from Qinghua University is very easy to get a good job, but is free from wealth or some gap. Most executives solve the freedom of wealth, or do not solve the second freedoms, that is, the freedom of time, work or to punch. A trip to say "go", "top management"? The third is freedom of mind. Many people find it difficult to solve the heroic dreams of tired life. Therefore, entrepreneurship is good here, once on the track, wealth, freedom can be resolved, time and freedom can also, but also with the waist, shoulders, highlighting the freedom. I was in junior high school, but I think I am a useful person, I think I am very Niubi, so to solve the spiritual freedom, to solve significant problems, for entrepreneurs can realize these dreams, entrepreneurship can solve these problems.

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