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Caldwell began to think about other ways to make money. He began selling clothes and electronic goods on the TradeMe website equivalent to the New Zealand version of eBay. But business has not improved much. So he built a Facebook page and showed his friends the clothes they sold. However, he still does not receive much attention.

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eBay sixth CPA advertising data have returned, the data is updated by the end of January 13, 2008, 13, after the return to the accumulated data.

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today, he has run a successful e-commerce business on Facebook. Since December last year, the company has generated $1 million in sales. His work at the gas station was interesting to say. On one occasion, he helped police arrest a criminal who was wanted for a gun robbery. And Caldwell likes to deal with customers, too.

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but the work at the gas station is also unpleasant. The manager always arranges him to work overtime on holidays. He has been working overtime on Christmas day for four consecutive years. Caldwell has been promoted many times, but he has declined. Because he does not want to delay his studies. As a result, some of the employees who had been trained behind him turned out to be his immediate boss.

a year ago, Ben Caldwell, 21, was working part-time at a gas station while studying his own master’s degree in Ben, Cardwell.

, this is August 2013. Caldwell began to take his Facebook page seriously. He will be the page named Deal Man, and describes it as "New Zealand global fashion group purchase website, sales of men’s underwear". Most of Caldwell’s friends were dismissive of it. They think no one wants to buy clothes on the Facebook. Several friends who supported him bought some goods from him in a false name. Throughout the fall, Deweier was busy uploading photos of clothing, uploading at least once a day, and sometimes up to 7 times. Without buying any ads, Deal Man quickly won more than 100 thousand fans, whose monthly sales reached $100 thousand.

attention: This eBay data will be returned on January 17th. Please pay attention to it.

a few weeks later, he received a message from a Facebook staff member. The staff advised him to try to use Facebook advertising, and gave him a $50 voucher. He sold $800 that night, and he felt he had found the hang of it.

Caldwell’s strategy is: first for India or Mexico release his clothing photos, increase their own page "praise"; and then to the United States, New Zealand and Canada to send new clothing photos. Because he has a lot of fans, Facebook’s algorithm is good for his page. Sales soared. He’s basically using Facebook’s News >

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