Linktech Amazon’s latest sales promotionAdSense optimization conference what you see and feel


place in the dark light, on both sides of the stage on the screen of a shlf1314 Video, all kinds of color shlf1314 shlf1314 song with young employees doing all kinds of nonsensical movements. The Video is more characteristic, that is, no handsome guy, no beauty, posture is not beautiful, music is not pleasant. Both sides have a row of effects lights, the most dazzling is a few purple, shake, ah, absolutely disco feeling! I suddenly doubt myself, do not stand there is no product,

7. CASIO limited list 890 yuan

moderator introduced the contents of the meeting; Adsense, one of China’s managers talked about, pull the feelings, and not how to listen;

1, there is a Chinese who speaks English in California and asks the foreigner who made the speech before. This guy a little digression, ask not Adsense related but local se>

details:, channelCode=jewel_watch

dear League member:

1., Amazon apple APPLE MacBook Air, the world’s thinnest notebook computer pre-sale ~

sales during the pre-sale of this item, in addition to 2.5% Commission, each sold out, a reward of 100 yuan in cash or gift cards. No bonus except for date of activity.

more promotional items, please visit Amazon website.


details:, prodid=rcit004030


2. beautiful starts with head hair

signed in for the conference room, when most of the seats were full. I saw an empty seat on the edge of the MM, occupied. I pushed my glasses and took a glance at MM. That’s not bad. 80. So, there is a flower on the edge?! OMG ah, where is the theory of arch cabbage

‘s Video came from a Video, originally said to be on the spot, and later unwell, and greeted the Chinese station with her. It seems that the air quality in Beijing is not so bad… This didn’t listen much, to tell you the truth, a little nap;

3., three major brands, 2008, fiftieth Grammy music nominated

4. Samsung digital camera low-cost 1G gift card

details:, nodeID=52529

6.Sandisk multi function flash disk 1G for only 64 yuan

Amazon’s latest sales campaign began ~

conducted a live interaction during the two sessions throughout the session, with two issues more in-depth:

details:, channelCode=mobile&,

wide >

Kingsoft ICIBA came one, they also put Adsense, and just put it soon, their ppt shows that they 700W PV every day, the comrades said a few days to spend hundreds of dollars, more satisfied. To tell the truth, I have despised, for this little money for the individuals may be many to the Jinshan shame;


? !

, a foreigner, the boy talked and seemed to have nothing in his mind. He didn’t listen to me.

finally came to a "dialogue" Parody: host, a member of Adsense group, Adsense forum moderator, Jinshan brothers, cool fund boss, sitting on the stage. For example, what would you say if you recommended Adsense to a friend?"…


after a technical manager of the Adsense team about the optimization about Adsense, not what strange things, is nothing more than the type of advertising including the choice of several new products, such as the search Union, size selection, color selection, location selection;

5., Sony Ericsson S500C three colors, only 1989 yuan

details:, ref=BR& uid=168-4079773-8045830& prodid=rlit006061

Hong Kong and Macao center very convenient at the exit, ten subway, on the 2 floor to see the city bustling crowd, feeling a bit messy.


activity date: -29 February 1, 2008

this item has been accepted and will be available on 2008-02-29, with extra rewards during the event.

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